Oct 17, 2010

You know that saying...

"There's a Snake in My Boot!!!"  said by the little cowboy in Toy Story when you pull his string?!

Well... I have a new saying!

"There's a Snake Loose in My House!!"

Dear Minnie,
Please do NOT learn how to climb stairs while you are on the prowl.
I would rather you sleep in my brothers' beds than in mine. 

Your sister Molly

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Anonymous said...

Hey... just found your blog, maybe from semislackermom? I don't exactly remember! My blog's new but I just wanted to say I read a couple of your archives, and could have written them myself - especially the one about Scout. In short, I think I'll like your blog & hope you don't mind that I subscribed & didn't want you to think I was a creeper. But now I have studying to do, so more reading later :]