Oct 19, 2010

THE Georgia National Fair

THE best fair ever.

Want a list of things I ate over the 4 times I went there?!
(Please note: not all of these items were all eaten on the same day. These items are spread over 4 days and I did not eat 2 of one thing in one day... got it?!)

I should have taken pictures of everything! Oh well.

3 Gyros
2 Chocolate covered frozen bananas (with nuts)
1 Dippin' Dots... wait.. 2. (Both Mint Choc)
1 Chocolate covered Cheesecake (I didn't eat all of it.. in my defense! hah)
3 bags of cotton candy (ok maybe four- I lost count. it's my fav. and josh helped with all three!)
1 Fried Green Tomato Sandwich
1 Regular size corn-dog (they do have footlongs,ya know.)
1 Curly fry (actually 1/2)
1 Pina Colada (From Joe the Pineapple guy...)

I got away without eating Funnel Cake, Roasted corn, Giant turkey legs, Pizza, and so much more.

Speaking of Turkey legs... the people that work in those giant booths are hilarious!! Josh and I walked by and the black guy said 'Come on ova' hera! Get yo' turkey leg! You can chew chew chew!" Josh replied "I don't want no turkey leg!! I'll break my tooth tooth tooth!" Turkey guy says "Oh you ain't gon' break yo' tooth! You just gotta chew chew chew!" hahaha... ok maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious!

Like I said, I went to the fair 4 glorious times. Didn't pay once to get in! :) That is an accomplishment.

I tried to take lots and lots of pictures my last day, but when it got down to it, I was so hot and didn't feel like taking pictures. So, I missed a lot of things- but I did get some with my cell.

I really wanted to ride the camel, but it was ridiculously expensive... as is everything at the fair. It's a dollar to look at a horse. It's a dollar to look at a cow. I can go in my front yard and see those!

Josh and I did watch 2 classes of the draft horse show. Was I in heaven, you ask? Oh, yes, I was. They are amazing horses. Notice their feet in the pictures. I wouldn't be able to trim those  clonkers on my own!

I did get to go to the petting zoo and see Jed the Giraffe! I loove giraffes. And he was too cute. That's where my cell came in handy!

They also have kangaroos, sea lions, zebras, and pigs. :) What's the fair without going to the pig shows?! Well, the smell really isn't worth it, but Josh and I did watch a of couple shows.

Overall, the fair was a success. I rode the claw and that was all I really cared about! I couldn't get Josh on the ferris wheel, so we watched the fireworks after the ski show on the grass! Definitely not in the splash zone though. They had a ski boat that was going crazy fast and had skiers splashing people (in 50 degree weather)... Josh and I thought that pond was seriously 4 feet deep. They must be pros! :)

Me and my Joshua! 
I promise we're at the fair.. haha! I wish I would have gotten a picture of us in front of the lake/ferris wheel and what not. oh well! This one of us standing in the livestock area is just as good!

My mom could have slaughtered these cake people. Have you SEEN Elmo?!

Hypnosis show
Recall: This is what Joshua looked like the first time I ever saw him... tee hee hee!

I have ever clarified how big Opie is going to be?! Well this is how big.... ok, acutally bigger.

We should I know that I was going to track down where the horses were...
And did I!?! These are my Favorites!!

Ahuh ahuh. I want one so.

How could anyone not love those massive shoulders and those huge feet!!
This is a Belgian for those of you who do not know! 
I would really much rather have one of these  clydesdales! :)

Alligator anyone!?

and My fav...

My favorite kind of fireworks and my favorite person. All in the same picture! 

52 Weeks til the fair!


CHERI said...

We enjoyed the fair too but went only once...and didn't do the rides. Wish I had gotten one of those fried green tomato sandwiches.

Nicole said...

Looks like a great fair! I haven't been to our state fair since I showed there but it's 3 1/2 hrs or so from my house :)

wellidaclaire said...

Those are some pretty big horses - I'm good with the ones just a teeny bit taller than me, haha. Love the claw too.