Oct 11, 2010

Horses, Cotton Candy and Josh Turner

This weekend was a good weekend!! I already warned everyone about all the fun I was going to have... and it was had!!

Minor disclaimer to this post.... I didn't take many pictures this weekend. Sad face. 

Anna and Chris arrived on Friday night and we started the weekend off with a little bit of Mexican food!

Saturday we woke up and went riding. Chris had never ridden before and he looked like a dang pro! He is a police officer, so I told him that when he gets back to Jackson that he needs to tell the squad that he can be their mounted officer! :)
Chris and Anna

I had planned on going to Blair's birthday party at lunch time, but there was a little bit of confusion and I decided that I wasn't going to be able to go. I was really, really excited about her party and I am really upset that I had to miss it. Her cake that my mom made was precious, along with the cookies my sister made! 

To see more fun stuff and pictures from her birthday, visit my other sister's blog!

After our horse ride, Josh arrived at my house from doing pig stuff and we took off for the Georgia National Fair!! First thing we did was eat. :)
Let me just go ahead and list out for you what I ate that day: 1 Gyro, 1 Frozen Banana dipped in Chocolate, 1 small Dippin' Dots (Mint Choc), 1 bag of cotton candy, and I think that's it for Saturday. That wasn't too bad!
We met Chris and Crystal (my neighbors from across the street) at the clock tower and got the game plan together. 
So, the 6 of us head out for the exhibits after we stuffed our faces with yumminess. We went through the building that has all the people selling things first. There is jewelry cleaner, candy, mattresses, purses, jewelry, these weird hair things that wrap through your ponytail, fat burners, exercise machines, and lots of publicity on vacations and what not. I got my ring cleaned and that's it! 
On the way out of the building I got a surprise! My friend and longlost roommate from Auburn had come up from Florida with her new roommates and she was walking in the door! It was so good to see her! I haven't seen her since we graduated I don't think! We visited for a few minutes and she went back outside with us. The famous hypnosis show was going on, so we sat there and watched the end of that! (At the end of this post is a special feature! :)
During the hypnosis show we lost Chris and Anna and I didn't have their phone number, so I was a hawk looking for them. We didn't find them so I prayed they'd call me if they got too bored!

After the Hypnosis show, we started towards the Art building and looked at all the photography and woodcarving. We finally found Chris and Anna! Well, they found us! They had walked into another building and called me, so they came and met up with us in the McGill building. We then proceeded to the ride section where we rode my favorite ride! The CLAW! I forgot how high that ride went!! But it's so much fun and just about the only ride that doesn't make me sick!

We rode rides until about 7:00 then we headed back towards the clock tower to meet up with my mom and sister before Josh Turner!

When we got into Josh Turner, Steel Magnolia came on first. They were pretty good, but I liked Josh Turner better! He is dreamy :) But, like I said on this picture I put on facebook... "He ain't no Josh Rab...!" I know I know... not good grammar.. but it's really between Josh and me. He always says that to me! haha
Here is the only picture I got... with my cell.

After Josh Turner was over lingered around then we headed home!

Sunday was a very relaxed day. My sister went riding with us and then we went over to Josh's barn to see the piggies! I do have some pictures from the barn, but I haven't put them on my computer yet.. so check back.
We got back to my house, gave her dogs a bath, and watched them play with lola.

Then they headed out. I loved having Chris and Anna here! It's like having to awesome roommates! haha! I'm ready for them to come back and visit! Josh and I will definitely be going to see them sometime very soon!! Like... 2 weeks for Auburn vs LSU!

Speaking of Auburn.... Undefeated!!!! I love being a true Auburn Tiger! It feels SO good!!! :)
War Eagle!!

It was a great weekend!! Now I can't wait to go back to the fair!! I'll take my camera this time!!!
Did I ever tell y'all about the hypnosis show story? I don't think I did... ok here it goes! Even if I did tell it... I love telling it so I'm going to tell it anyways! :)

In October of 2007 during the fair,  I was sitting in the audience watching the hypnosis show and it was hilarious! There was one particular guy that was super funny. He just kept saying the funniest stuff! I was taking little videos of him on my phone (which you can't do anymore) and put some of them on facebook. I thought he looked about my age, but I didn't know or recognize him. I always wondered who that guy was, but didn't stick around to find out. He made me and everyone else laugh SO hard that day! Well, come to find out, on May 19, 2008 I met that handsome fellow. That was the day that I went back to work at the vet's office when I got back from school for the summer! It took me a couple weeks to figure out where I had recognized this guy from and I finally figured it out... the hypnosis show! I showed him those videos and we couldn't believe it. Now, me and my Joshua have been together ever since! :) 
Here's a few of the little video clips..... Enjoy!!!
(Josh... don't kill me please! haha)

Josh is hypnotized in ALL these videos but the last two!!
Josh is wearing green shirt/navy shorts- sitting 4th from the left in most videos.
Josh hypnotized- singing Ricky Martin

Josh after singing being asked where his microphone 'feather duster' came from.

Josh telling Tammy about his milking goat
Milking goats pooping on them... watch Josh in the middle.. haha

She proceeded to tell Josh he got goat poop in his shoe, he took his shoe off and shook it out. Then she told him his shoes were on the wrong feet so he switched them and really did put them on the wrong feet! This is the video of him waking up at the end, coming out of hypnosis and realizing his shoes are backwards! It's short... but so funny.

Before she woke them up from being hypnotized she 'programmed' them to repeat an action and phrase after she said a certain word. She then woke them up and made some 'announcements' containing all the words she used to program them with. Here is Josh doing his action and phrase after he was woken up! Then wondering why in the world he just did that! She said the word but I didn't catch it in the video. 

I hope y'all enjoyed that. It's definitely not as funny in little pieces like that... but I just couldn't believe that was Josh!! 

Hope y'all have a good week!!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Emmy said...

That cake and those cookies are so cute! I used fondant for the first time last weekend. I love how it looks but really just don't like the taste.

camoz71npink said...

We absolutely LOVED being up there!! & Next time DEFINITELY more pictures!! :)
I love you!! & can't wait to see you again!! XOXO