Oct 6, 2010

Requested Update.

Josh said I needed to update. So I'm updating.

My life has been swamped the past 2 weeks. You're lucky you got rainbows!! haha
My life has actually been swamped the day I started nursing school!

I have had tests and more tests on top of working for my dad and at the pottery place. I'm doing something everyday except for Sunday. Wait.. I study on Sunday. Yep, I doing something everyday.
Yesterday was the first day I didn't have anything to do...

I took complete advantage of it and did nothing when I got off work at 6:45. I went to Josh's, we built a fire and I ate smores. Then we sat by the fire until it wasn't warm anymore.

I have zero tests next week. Hallelujah! Well... not really. I have my clinical therapeutics lab midterm. I will be 'checked off' on two skills. So far we have learned about 20 skills including blood pressure, vitals, Nasogastric tube placement (and removal.. and feeding), Bathing a client, making a bed, Tracheostomy care, Trach suction... the list goes on.  Oh and my favorite- IV's!
They will mainly be looking for sterile technique. We have a sheet of paper that has the step by step process on it and we have to know it without having the sheet. If we miss 3 'small' steps we fail. If we miss 1 'big' step we fail. A 'big' step as I call it is either something that you do (or don't do) that would hurt the client if you did it (or didn't do it). It can also be sterility (gloves, not touching a specific part of a specific tube, etc).

I've been practicing my skills a lot at school so hopefully it goes well!!

Now, on to enjoy my weekend!

The Georgia National Fair is coming tomorrow!!! One of my best friends from Auburn, Anna, and her boyfriend are coming on Friday!!! My precious niece, Blair, turns two on Saturday!! So glad to have a weekend off from everything but fun!! Birthday party, Fair, Fair food, Josh Turner Concert, Fair food, horse riding, Fair food and fun!! Did I mention Fair food?!?


Linsey said...

And your sister is coming to town too!! You are one lucky girl!

jmluckie said...

Don't get on that Long Black Train.
Have fun.

Jennifer said...

Oh I saw Josh Turner this summer, he put on an amazing concert!