Oct 28, 2010

Dumb Chemistry.

I hated chemistry. I hated organic chemistry more than regular chemistry. I hated biochemistry more than organic chemistry. I hated physics as well. I did like physics more than organic chemistry though.

Auburn's Chemistry department had the hardest teachers... ever. Physics department too. The average on most of our physics exams was 50. One time it was a 40-something. I made a 60-something on that test. I'm not gonna lie... I did bad in physics.

Chemistry was a little better. The average test grade was usually a 70. I did o.k. in chemistry. But I still hated it.

My point is...

Did you ever have a class that you absolutely HATED?! I always always always said "I am never going to use this stuff! Why do I have to take these ridiculously hard classes!?"

Now, today, I would like to say "Thank you Auburn University for making me take those ridiculously hard classes. Because today in Clinical Therapeutics, I understood Drug Calculations! So, thank you for make me learn how to convert Moles to grams... even though I don't have to do that... it's more like mcg to mg. I never thought I would see that annoying t-box, as I call it, again. I saw it today and I flew through those 10 problems. The class only got to number 3 and I felt accomplished!"

See... you never know when you may use something that you learn in school!

but... I really doubt I will ever need to know just how fast that ball rolls across the floor... or how fast the car goes down the hill in neutral... or when exactly the boy needs to jump off the branch to fall on the back of a horse running underneath it at a certain speed.

So, thank you Fundamentals of Chemistry. Physics, you are still pointless.


Trey said...

You should never miss an oportunity to try and learn something Mo! Hang in there! I'm proud of you!

Ashlee said...

I'm laughing. That last sentence is hysterical. I'm so glad you got calculations -- do you use dimensional analysis?

Lauren said...

haha physics is not pointless if you're an engineer! i hated chemistry too, and i've never had to use it in real life. ever.

Anonymous said...

This gives me hope for all of future 'stupid' class endeavors :]

tim said...

You should be more like Linsey. She must have liked chemistry. She took it three times (at UGAy).

SouthernHeart said...

I so totally understand...having been a Registered Nurse since 1978! I know. A very long time. You'll get through so hang in there!