Oct 25, 2010

An Awesome Weekend

Friday Morning Josh and I set out for AUBURN!! I looooove Auburn. I missed it so.

We got there around 11:30 and met the girl that was selling me a student ticket.  Then We met up with my best friend, Anna, on campus and I  proceeded to go visit my two favorite professors and all of the project uplift leaders! We ate lunch with Anna at the Pita Pit and then proceeded to go get my little brother from school!

I am quite sure I have mentioned it before, but I know I have quite a few new readers so I'll mention it again! 

I got involved in Project Uplift when I was a Freshman. I picked out a little boy to be my 'little brother' and I have now been his big sister for 5 years. I have watched him grow and he is an absolutely amazing little boy!  I even got "Longest volunteering female' my senior year! When I went through training for the program... they prepared you for the worst. Kids that steal credit cards, try to remember your pin on your debit card, steal cars, shoplift, hit and punch, and an ongoing list of things. That didn't scare me away. I picked out Damon and he has been an ANGEL! He never did anything that I had to punish him for! He doesn't have any siblings, so that is why he was put into the program. Most kids are there because they lost a parent, have a tough time in school, or just need some guidance. I got lucky with my little 'scooter'.

So I surprised him at school and checked him out early! Josh and I took him over to TCBY where he got a strawberry smoothie and Josh and I got some ice cream. We hung out for a little bit and went and saw his mom at work! She's in her late 20's and she's really cool! We get along well and I love going to her work! She works at a daycare and those kids are hilarious! 

After we left there it had been a few hours since I picked Damon up and his dog needed to be let out so I took him back home. It was so good being able to hang out with him for a few hours. And he has gotten SO tall!! Here is a picture from this weekend. He's so precious!

We headed over to Anna's house, stopping to see her at work before we got there. We got a full tour of the small animal hospital! hehe! Josh wanted to see the large animal hospital... but I didn't really think Dr. Waguespac would be working! (He's the doctor that took care of Scout!). Josh and I decided to go get dinner while we waited for Anna to get off work. I got yumminess from Big Blue Bagel and Josh got yucky Taco Bell! JK! That day.... they had the BEST cinnamon twists I had ever had. 
After dinner, we hung out with Leslie and her boyfriend, Bradley, for an hour or so, then we went and hung out with my friend Kayla and her boyfriend, Clint, for an hour! We had a great time seeing everyone! :)

We headed to the house and Anna was just pulling up from work! She had a cake to bake so we all sat in the den/kitchen and watched her make the cake and talked about all sorts of things. We had a busy day ahead of us so we all went to bed!

Saturday, Anna being the awesome friend that she is dropped me Josh off on campus before she went to work. We got to Kayla and Clint's tailgate at about 10:00 AM. Shrimp, Potatoes, and Corn on the cobb awaited us! 
Cooked by Kayla's boy, Clint!

It was pretty good Cajun cookin'!

Me and Kayla!

and Joshua!

Josh and I decided we would go get in line for the game! The gates were going to open at 11:45 am for the 2:40 kickoff. We got to the gate at about 11:00 and there were already at least 1000 people in line. Yes, Auburn students are crazy about their Tigers!
We waited until 11:45, got into the stadium and scored some 45 yard line seats with Leslie and Bradley! Now the waiting part- 3 hours til kick off.....

There was plenty of entertainment with all the crazy people that were dressed up and plenty of time for pictures!
Me and Leslie!

Leslie and Bradley

One downfall of sitting in the student section is that you miss Tiger Walk!
But... we do get to watch it on the HD jumbotron! (First HD jumbotron in the SEC and second in the NCAA! pretty coooool!)

Cam Newton!!

The team praying around the AU in an empty stadium... except for the thousands of students.
Don't you think that just pumps them up for them to know that we are all there!! I just think that's awesome!

Then it magically fills up to the brim!!

The game was AWESOME! It was nonstop goodness. 
The opening video for the football players is what REALLY gets the student section going... you can watch it ">here!
Fitting song.. huh?  :)

I screamed more than I have ever screamed in my life and I jumped more than I have ever jumped in my life! It was so much fun! My voice is a little sore.. but me feet aren't! haha

Final Score... aaaamazing!
and Cam Newton cheering with the end zone sitters!

During the celebration! :)

After the game was over and all the celebration singing had ended we headed to Toomer's Corner with the other 87,000 people! It was packed!!

Anna was there!!! yaya!!

And my little Georgia Tech pullin' brother John came! Auburn shirt in tow!

And last, but definitely not least!!!

We were all ecstatic that Auburn won!!

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

After the Toomer's Corner celebration, Josh, John and I walked to visit some friends of ours alll the way up on the other side of campus. Then we walked alll the way down to the other side of campus to Momma G's!! MMMM!!!

We met up with Anna, got John to his car and headed to the house. We were exhausted!! 
I woke up the next morning and got a paper. Bitter sweet front page photo. I plan on framing it at some point. The game and season that led us to be #1 in the BCS Polls for the first time in Auburn History!!! It'll be cool in 30 years. :)

Before we left, I stopped by the bookstore and got some t- shirts. I also had stopped by Comer (ag building) on Friday and had bought some College of Ag t-shirts... so I scored 4 t shirts this weekend!

I got my last fill of Big Blue Bagel, while Josh got more Taco bell... haha!
Then we headed out!

I can't WAIT to go back! I can't believe I hadn't been back before now. Hopefully we'll get to go to the UGA game... and I will not support Josh's wearing red cause we allll know he's turning into an Auburn Tiger! Right now he's just a little cub!  ;) 

I would like to write a special note to Anna:
Anna, Thank you so much for having us over this weekend! You are such an amazing friend and I don't know how I will ever repay you! This was one of the best weekends I have ever had! Thank you again for helping it happen! I am so blessed to have you as one of my bestest friends! I can't wait to see you again! Hopefully it will be sooner than five ridiculous months! lol I love you friend!!!!!


Ashlee said...

Great pictures Mo! I'm glad you had fun. LOVE the toomer's corner!

Jennifer said...

Sounds fun! Loved the pics!

Anna said...

YAY!!! I'm definitely just seeing this post! I love you so much!! & Can't wait to see you again either!! Now that we are getting settled in at the new house, hopefully ya'll can come visit!! I'm so glad you had a good weekend! I love you big bunches!!! XOXO