Oct 12, 2010


What are your friends saying on their Facebook pages.  Or Twitter?  Is it funny?  Is it weird?  Is it what they ate for dinner?  Well share it here on The Status Quote with Emmy and CA Girl!  Simply post those funny, strange and daily posts of your friends.  Please exclude names and locations.  And then, link up!

did you know that elephants have been known to die of broken hearts?

I just locked myself out of my house. So now, I'm sitting on my back porch watching my dog, Aphid, laugh at me until the roommate comes home....in an hour and a half.

is in desperate need of a valium today.
If you hear of some crazed person running down the street screaming slurs, please don't call the police, just take me home and give me a sippy cup of vodka.

The commercials for the Bounce dryer bar annoy me. The woman says, "Not having to put the dryer sheet in is one less thing I have to do." Lady that's, like, the EASIEST part of my day. Don't take that away from me.

BREAKING NEWS----- Energizer Bunny arrested & charged for battery!   (rimshot)

There is a group of strange, drunk people outside the office and one of them is singing at the top of their lungs in a very off key voice...can this place get any more retarded!

‎2 more hours... I'm sure that starving a pregnant lady is illegal!! Its gotta be!!

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about YOU!-1 Peter 5:7

We're all going to miss having Bobby Cox in the dugout! Thanks for so many great years!

Trailer Trash Bash!

just ate a fresh pomegranate! It's like little bursts of juice in every bite. I love it =)

watching baby pot belly pigs run around the race track n jump into a swimming pool all for an oreo cookie at the fair. fun, fun!!


Sandra said...

This is a great idea, posting Facebook updates. However, some of the stuff some of my "friends" post make me want to cringe. Not sure I could rewrite it without vomitting a little in my mouth!
Love the one you just posted about the dog laughing at the person locked out! Love the visual!

Emmy said...

Thanks for linking up!

And I totally agree that starving a pregnant lady has to be illegal.

These were great.

Lourie said...

Oh no, we have to do something for this pregnant lady. I was treated like a Queen. I say we form a lynch mob! haha. Thanks so much for playing!

April Mitchell said...

Hey where's my invitation to the Trailer Trash Bash?!