Sep 29, 2010

Notice anything??

Does he look different to you?

Ok, he looks a little fat in this picture, but that's not it.

He still is trying to gain back what he lost while I was in Europe!

"Mom, please stop chasing me around the house and making me lay on this chair so you can take pictures of me."

Well, if you haven't figured it out... I'll tell you.

His poor ear!

He must have gotten into some trouble last night. When I let him in this morning I noticed it immediately. It flops around like it's dead when he runs. It's kinda funny!

I guess it's kinda cute! He looks like a dork!

Ever seen anything like that before?! I guess it's a nerve problem. I don't know. I do know that we are having ear problems around here! 
Lola gets yeasty ears. Lizzie the horse has a funky ear right now- she'll turn it around to listen to me when I'm on her back and it will go down instead of around backwards and she'll shake her head and it'll go back forward. Weird.


CHERI said...

Although I'm not wild about cats, he does look cute with that floppy ear....and I figured it out right away!

Jennifer said...

Lol! He does look dorky.. cute, but dorky. ;)