Aug 26, 2010

Sticks and Water?!

I took my precious dogs to the pond today. When I got home from school Lola was already outside... just guess what she looked like. She looked like this... remember? Ok maybe not that bad... but still.

So I said oh what the heck let's go swimming! Lola, Tug and I headed to the pond. I started throwing sticks for Tug and he would dive and go get them while Lola bounded in after him! She was looking like "Ooooo this is Fun!! What are we doing!?"
He obviously would beat her to the stick then she would swim back shaking her head, "Oh I got water in my ears!"

After a couple of times throwing it for Tug, I told him to stay so she could have a turn. I threw the stick out about half way of what I had been throwing and she bounded into the water! Well... she stopped, looked down, and started dunking her head in the water biting for the stick! She is such a water novice! Well she got out and shook off and left the stick in the water.

I finally found another stick and threw it way out in the middle for Tug. Lola sees it and jumps in the water then stops... turns around and comes back out. She then proceeds to run half way around the pond through the woods and then dives in on the other side. I guess she thought this short cut would take her less time to get there... but by the time she jumped in.. Tug was already at the stick!

She finally figured out that she had to swim out to get it from where I was standing to beat Tug. It was hilarious watching her! I don't think I have ever taken her down there because she's always in the house and no one ever wants to give her a bath so she doesn't get to play! I let her out a couple days ago to play being prepared to give her a bath. She had a good time though!
I guess I'm off to give her another bath.... even though I'm not the one who let her out! ;)

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CHERI said...

You mean TIM won't give her a bath???? PS: do NOT encourage your Uncle Johnny!!!