Aug 17, 2010

My Artsy Side

*Please accept this pre written post while my brain recuperates from my trip!*

When I worked at a 'paint your own pottery' place, that is what I did when I got bored... painted my own pottery. It's not like I wasn't doing my job.. there just wasn't really anything to do. I'd pick out a piece of pottery, pay for it, and paint it!

I did a large rectangular platter for one of the local policemen. He was getting married and he wanted a gift for his parents. He chose the platter and I painted their last name in the middle with all the kids names along the bottom. Then I did leaves in all the corners, per his request! He loved, they loved it, they cried, I didn't get a picture of it... the end!

After the platter, I chose to paint a piggy bank. Yes, a piggy bank! I never got to do this as a child... ok!! :)
Really it was a fishy bank. Here is my fishy bank!

Hello Fishy!

Each side is different. Although, the birds are on both sides.

And that's my fishy bank!

I think it took me about a month to finish that thing. The day I put my fish in the Kiln was a glorious day!

Now I am in the middle of a 'square footed dish' for my bathroom. I plan to keep my jewelry in it and my watch.. etc. I am no longer working at this place, so I haven't finished it!! I want to go back and get it done so I can have it! I got the design from Anthropologie! It is painted on the inside of the bowl and looks just like this!
I haven't quite decided what to do on the outside!


Trey said...

What did you paint me?

Jennifer said...

Wow! I'm impressed!