Aug 22, 2010


 I'm a big fan of jewelry. Well, I'm a big fan of earrings! I pretty much always have a pair of earrings on of some sort. Thought I would show everyone my favorites! 

When Pioneer Woman posted on this jewelry... I fell in love. It's called Tweak and it's lovely.
I went ahead and bought these hoop earrings. I absolutely love the flowers.

I also bought the little owls! Perfect for summer.

Now these... these were given to me by my grandmother, Mema. The left is a smokey quartz and the right is a smokey topaz. The smokey topaz she bought in the caribbean for like $7! She brought it back to our hometown jeweler and he mounted it and it's beautiful.

These earrings were given to me by my sister. They are from... um, Spain? Austrailia? I can't remember exactly. Ash, Where are they from? All I remember is that she told me not to lose them because they were pricey! So, I haven't! They are one of my favorites!
The light in my bathroom makes everything look yellow... please forgive me.

Ashlee also gave me these! Now, I know these are from Africa! They are so unique and I always get compliments when I where them! These guys made it in my Europe jewelry stash. I'm not taking much... but I am taking these!

Oh I love these! These are two of my favorite pairs of earrings! My best friend who I have mentioned a lot lately, Leslie, gave me these earrings. I especially wear the ones on the right because they pretty much go with everything! They are both from little boutiques in Auburn, AL.

My little elephants!! I love elephants! :) These are from Target. I loved this line of jewelry until Target decided to get rid of it! They had elephants and owls. I went back to get the owls and everything was marked down and pretty much gone. Bummer.

I picked these up in a little boutique in NC when I went to my sister's best friend's wedding. They are really really lightweight and I forget I even have them in! I showered with them on in NC and kinda messed up the color.. oops. But they are still fun!

I didn't take pictures of two rings that I wear everyday. One is a horseshoe and the other is a Ruby and diamonds that my mom gave me for my 21st birthday! I got... I mean stole the horseshoe from my other sister, Linsey. Thank you for not stealing it back! :)


Ashlee said...

I don't know about those flower ones... they look like a bracelet I got in Cayman. Are you sure mom didn't bring them to you from there? The others are definitely from Africa!

CHERI said...

I will go out in public without my underwear before I go without my earrings! I loved it when the really BIG ones were in style...I still have lots of them in case they ever revive!

Linsey said...

I won't steal your ring back... for now!

Anonymous said...

OH those are purty ;) My ears aren't pierced but I have gotten addicted to clip on earrings nonetheless. I'm actually toying with the idea of starting up a jewelry business this fall. Shhhhh :) Thanks for following my blog, hope to see you back!

Jennifer said...

Ooo, so pretty! I love jewelery.