Aug 9, 2010

Chapter 6: New Friends and a Night Out!

    After breakfast, the passengers offloaded the boat, and disembarked to the town of Nuremburg. The short bus ride came to an end in the 'new city'. In Nuremburg, there is an old city and a new city. The new city does not have a wall surrounding it, while the old city is enclosed by a three and a half mile stone wall, the longest in Germany. During world war two, the Nazi's gained control of Nuremburg and built many buildings in the now 'new city' to host their rallies and meetings. Now, however those buildings are used as offices and a post office.
    Molly and Maggie followed their tour group as they headed into the old city. The old town was lined with beautiful old houses that were all centered around the enormous town square. Normally, the town square is bustling with merchants and shoppers at the market, but it was Sunday, and sadly the market was not open.
    Maggie and Molly decided to go further into town with the ships director, Markus, and a few other crew members, instead of going to the castle and then walking back to town. They found a coffee shop where they decided to stop and hang out. They sat for a while with Markus as he told them about live in Germany.
    The one topics that really struct the girls was the German education system. At the age of six, children attend school for four years. After that time the children are around the age of ten, and that is when they decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Once they choose, they then decide on one of three paths; go to school for four years, six years or for eight years. After those years are up, the students then choose to go to work, or go to a university.
   The friends finished up their coffee with Markus, and they walked to the castle to take pictures. Out of no where, while they were taking pictures at the castle, it started to rain. Molly and Maggie hurried back to the bus, trying to escape the rain and be on time for lunch back on board the ship.
    After drying off  from the rain, and eating their lunch, Molly and Ashby took a shuttle bus back into Nuremburg. The bus pulled into town , and they stepped out onto the town square. Molly and Ashby walked around the square, and up the streets of the foreign town. Soon though, their sweet tooth began to drop a hint. As they scoped out their surroundings, Ashby spotted an ice cream shop! They both ordered ice cream sundays. Molly ordered a flavor called 'after eight', which was a mint ice cream, while Ashby ordered chocolate.
    They found an empty table on the patio with an umbrella over it, sat down, and began to eat their afternoon treat. Then, in the blink of eye, it came a flood! The wind was howling , and Molly felt as if she was going to blow away. Everyone that was sitting outside on the patio began to scatter. The waiters were frantically trying to stop the people from running off without paying. Ashby and Molly quickly made their way inside of the shop, and paid for their treats as they waited for the rain to slow. As the rain began to slow, they quickly ran across the square towards the bus to wait to go back to the boat.
   Back on board the boat, they went to their room to get out of their wet clothes, and shower for dinner. They went to the evening meal in the dining room, and afterwards, Molly and Maggie were off to the bar! The ships hotel manager, Christian, saw the vibrant young women sitting at the bar, and he was kind enough to buy them drinks. They ordered several Bailey's and sat and talked with Christian for the rest of the evening.
   The next morning the ship was docked at Regensburg. Molly and Maggie agreed to skip the tour and venture out on their own. Molly found a couple gifts to take back home to her brothers, and they walked through every store in sight. Lunch began to draw near, so the two decided to make their way back to the boat.
   After lunch, Cata, one of the six waiters that they always have in the dining room, was outside about to go into town, and he asked them if they would like to join him. Many of the young crew members were absolutely smitten by Molly and Maggie's presence on the boat.
    In the words of Cata, "The average number of persons their age on the boat!" Noticing how flirtatious the young crew members were, Molly was quick to tell them," you see that boy," pointing to her computer screen," he's my boyfriend, just to let you know!" She wanted them to know that she wasn't there for a foreign fling. 
  The three walked through town, and visited a few shops that they missed earlier in the day. Cata would pick up shirts and dresses, trying to pick out outfits for Molly and Maggie. Amidst the laughter, Cata suggested that they go and get something to drink. He insisted that they go get beer. Molly drank a cappuccino. But the girls found it nice of him to buy them drinks. It seemed to be becoming a reoccurring activity, guys buying the two girls drinks, something they were definitely getting used to!
   After sitting and having their drinks, Molly spotted a somewhat familiar, yet unfamiliar store. TK MAXX. Yes, that's how it was spelled, and that was the actual name of the store. The store was very similar to the American TJ MAXX, but they were unable to find any big bargains.
   Upon returning to the ship, Cata was informed that the water level of the river was up, and that they boat would be staying docked in Regensburg for the night. At the conclusion of dinner, Cata found Maggie and Molly to tell them the news, and he asked them if they would like to go out with him and some of the other crew members that night for drinks and a good time.  Realizing their need to get away from all of the older guest on the boat, and go do something with people their own age, they told Cata that they would join them.
     Oh, all of the guys were super excited, they were going to be accompanied by the three prettiest girls on the boat. Three because Maddie, the other girl, decided to go with them. Around 9:30PM, the three girls nervously met the young men outside on the dock. Markus, the ships director was also going to tag along, seeing as he wasn't very old himself. He had agreed that he would protect the girls if any of the younger guys started to get too friendly.
    There was a bustling bar not far from the dock where they entered. They guys bought the girls all the drinks that they wanted. Molly, had a couple mixed drinks and a Bailey's when she started to feel them working on her. Maggie however, decided to let loose, and ended up a little on the drunk side, but they were all having a great time, and that's all that really mattered!
    The group moseyed their way back to the ship. Laughing and enjoying the end of their night amongst their new found friendship. Molly and Maggie finally found themselves tucked away, and in a slumber by 2:30 that morning. 

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