Aug 31, 2010

Rockets, Pasture, and Fire

Last weekend Josh and I went on an adventure. Hobby Lobby. I think I could spend the entire day in that place. Especially if they have sales going on! Ok... they ALWAYS have sales going on! My favorite sales are... 50% off Scrapbooking paper, 50% off Stickers, 50% off wall decor, 50% off anything else...

Well they had the 50% off on Stickers sale... So I racked my brain thinking up everything Josh and I have done in the past year to buy stickers for our scrapbook. Notice I said 'year'? I'm waaaay behind in the scrapbooking department.

So I ended up getting stickers for the Braves game, louisville pig show, Churchhill downs, birthdays, graduations, and golf/Masters. Maybe a few more.

Well, Josh had never been to Hobby Lobby Land.. but he has been wanting to go for the past couple of months for one thing. Rockets.

Josh and I both had the luxury of shooting these rockets when we were little. I went with my dad and little brothers and sometimes sisters (if they weren't painting their toenails... ok I'm kidding!) out to a pasture at Mr. Kirk's house and shoot off these rockets. We had a launch pad and everything! Josh did the same with his dad!

So Josh wanted a Rocket. Well, Josh bought a Rocket and six engines. For the next 5 hours our day was occupied. Josh put the rocket together and we headed out to the pasture to shoot it off!

The first time... It flew beautifully!!

It went waaay up... horses went running..... 'pop'..... out came the parachute and it floated down with the grace of a tiny ballerina fairy!

We got it ready to go again and sent it up! 'Pop'.... no parachute.... no parachute!! NO Parachute!! Josh!! Where's the parachute!!!  BAM! Oh no.
Oh no.

'I think it can fly again! It'll be alright we'll just put some tape on it!' says Josh.

While I was gone to get some tape, my uncle and cousin show up and they join in on the action.

We tape it up, get it ready to go again, and countdown for the lift off!

ppppssshhhuuuummmm!! Pop.......... no parachute.... no parachute!! BAM!

Oh great. Well the tape didn't help much.

'We'll just bend it and straighten back out and it'll be fine!!'

We lift it off again and again... and every single time there is no parachute! My cousin gave it a  go and she didn't have any luck with the parachute either!

We were on our last engine. I wanted to shoot it off at least once so Josh gave me the button!

I pressed it and the engine went straight up! Only this time... after about 30 feet it went straight OVER! like... over there across the pasture... as it moves across the pasture it starts turning circles and then BAM. Straight into the ground..... followed by lots and lots of smoke and then finally the 'pop' that was supposed to be the parachute!

We jump on the golf cart and dart through running horses and make it over to the rocket. Fire! Ok don't worry, we didn't burn down our farm!  It was just  a little fire :)

I will never forget that day... it was probably one of the funniest days Josh and I have shared yet!

Now Josh wants to go back to hobby lobby! Only this time he says he won't have to spend so much.. He just needs a new rocket! And.... maybe we'll read ALL the instructions and use 'wadding' next time!


Trey said...

Reid and I shoot rockets all the time. We have three or four different kinds. Our favorite is of cource a Georgia Southern rocket that soars above all the rest!

CHERI said...

As Trey said, he and Reid love doing this! I got "tagged" on my blog and had to then tag some others...I chose you IF you'd like to participate. If not, that's fine too. Check out my blog post for today and you'll see! Give Josh a hug for me.

Jennifer said...

My brother was into rockets for awhile, I had forgotten.