Feb 23, 2011

Skipping out

For those of you who have come over and visited for the WIWW post.... I'm sorry to say that I haven not taken a single picture this past week!

I have been on a break from school, kind of, with no tests this week, so I took advantage of it and didn't do much! Therefore, I didn't wear anything beyond boots, jeans, and a shirt.

Friday was clinical day again. I was in the OR! That was very interesting! I got to see a lot of orthopedic surgeries which I like a lot since I was in the orthopedic realm of things with my foot.

I spent most of my Saturday working at the pottery place. I can't even begin to remember what I wore! After work, I rode out to the pig shows with Josh for a bit. Nothing too exciting that day.

Sunday, Josh and I went to the couple's house that owns our local feed store. They have hunter/western Show Quarter horses and we wanted to see their farm. They currently have about 70 horses. They have a whole barn full of horses they are training for people! It was so amazing! I loved their barn and all the HUGE horses! Yes, huge and quarter horses. These are the big quarter horses... the quarter horses I like! (I'm not a big quarter horse fan, the ones I use to ride were fat and squatty!) These are tall, slender, huge, and gorgeous! We had a great time walking around their farm and talking to them. They also have a heard of registered bucking bull producing heifers and bulls. Really cool!! The bull "Perfect Poison"was bred by him.  His buckoff % so far is 100% this year. He only had 3 out of 16 rides complete last year! That's pretty awesome. To finish off our visit, we sat around the TV watching Nascar (which I'm not a huge fan of) and ate some yummy snacks that the wife made us! They invited us to come out whenever we wanted before we left and I intended to do so! It was a lot of fun!

Monday I worked and Tuesday was awesome. I went to class in the morning (that's not the awesome part) and then I called to see if the couple from Sunday would mind if I came back out and hung around and watched them train horses. They said come on out! So I drove over and waited around for them to get back form lunch. They arrived and we jumped right into work. She saddled up a horse and said here ya go! Go work him in the round pen for 20 minutes to get the buck out of him and meet me in the arena. Huh!? Awesome!!!
He was a 3 year old chestnut gelding... about 17 hands... gorgeous boy! His name is Duck because he's the 'ugly duckling'. Poor thing, he's not too ugly, I thought he was really pretty. I worked him in the round pen and went out to the arena. I rode around on him just like I would in a lesson or show. It was so much fun!

Here's a picture of Duck after I finished riding him
This will show you just how tall he is. I was sort of on a slop so it makes the guy look a little taller than he was... but you can still tell!

I had so much fun that they invited me back out tomorrow! I'll be out there by 8 and help out until I have to go to work. :)  So excited! 

I love being able to ride with such an awesome rider. The wife has won multiple major circuit championships. She's amazing! 

I'll let you know how it goes!


CHERI said...

You were definitely in your element:)

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm glad you got to do some work with those horses - since your's are pretty well behaved. Hope you have fun tomorrow (or today) helping train!

Linsey said...

That sounds fun, Mo! Maybe you can continue doing that!

Trey said...

You know Molly, the only time I'm ever around horses is on Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas and out of these 3 particular days for the past 8 years I still have not rode a horse yet. Hmmm...thinking...

Anonymous said...

I just love how my husband doesn't sign out of google and I leave a comment under his id :) Sorry!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh how I would love to be able to have a herd of 70 horses and a great barn and arena. I would be in heaven! Must have been great fun to visit.

I have seen Perfect Poison! That bugger really has some moves! There's big money in those bulls like that. Who knew?? LOL