Sep 25, 2010

The New Deputy in Town

Welcome to White House Farm.

Don't plan on getting this close to the house until you go through Farm Security!!

Since so many people are "snatchin' their people up, hidin' their kids, hidin' their wives and hidin' their husbands cause they're rapin' e'rebody out here"... We had to supe up our security.
(Have ya seen the video!? haha! )

I'm serious... homeboy!!

No really...

And don't think you can get by him without showing your ID!!
He is VERY serious about his job....

He waits on cars to arrive....

And if you don't show your ID or pay a fee (depends on what kind of mood he's in)... 
He will chase you down.

When you are far enough away from the house and he feels comfortable with your distance he'll stop. Most of the time...

So... if you ever plan on stopping by White House Farms, please, be prepared.
Like I said, Opie the Deputy is very serious about his job.
He only let's the most cooperative people by his post. 



Don't tell anyone he's a big ol' baby!!

He just likes to lick the salt off your toes...

and give kisses!!

He's still a good security guard cause he won't give anyone else kisses but me! :)

My sweet Opie!

If you make it past Opie.... Then you gotta make by Cutie!
Ok... she doesn't look that scary. :)

*The previous post was thought up by Opie's biggest fan, my dad.*
Opie's name originated from my daddy wanting me to name him "Barney" from Andy Griffeth. Well I think of purple Barney when I think of that name, so I decided on Opie, with dad's approval! :) 


Jennifer said...

Cute post!!!

codi.susanne said...

Great pictures! and I LOVE that video!!