Sep 16, 2010

Exciting News!

I don't know if I have mentioned on this thing or not... but I get to go photograph a wedding this Saturday!! Yay!! My first 'photography' job! I'm accompanying a local photographer that kind of got out of photography, but she has done a few weddings and lots of senior pictures and what not. She isn't known too well, but I think that my photography style mixed with hers will make for a good turnout!

In other exciting news, Molly has no tests next week!!!!!  I'll have time to actually get AHEAD! phew.

Well, that's all the exciting news I have!

I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I can from the wedding! I hope I get lots of good pictures!

I just got in from walking the driveway with Josh and Dad. I also gave all the horses some carrots. Actually, a whole bag! Flint and SoBe loved them. Rose and Lizzie aren't too fond of carrots. Sassy, aka fat sass, liked them but it's almost like she gets full and doesn't want as much as SoBe and Flint do. I also gave a few to Snapper. He's the new addition around here. He belongs to Bridget, one of my friends that I have mentioned here a few times! He's a Missouri Fox Trotter (Palomino). So welcome to the farm, Snapper! :)

Then we watched the space station fly over! That was cool. Then we looked at the moon in the telescope. That was equally as cool.

Now I shall watch last season's Grey's Anatomy Finale to refresh my memory!!!

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Jennifer said...

Congrats on the wedding job! Can't wait to see the pics, I know they will be great.