Sep 18, 2010


Auburn wins!!!


Wes Byrum's 39-yard field goal put us in the lead... in overtime.

and Clemson needs to go back to kicking a field goal school.

They missed their field goal (thank goodness). They missed it the second time that is. They illegally snapped the ball in their chance to win the game. They had to rekick from the other hash mark... they missed.

It was awesome. I think I jumped 4 feet off the couch!

Auburn played like the third string high school team in the first half. Then, in the second half, my tigers were back. They went from being down 2 touchdowns to being up 1 touchdown in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was a blur cause I was so dang nervous.

Clemson played really well. They are a good team.

But I'm glad the real tigers won!

War Eagle!!! :)


jmluckie said...

Auburn stunk it up the first half and Clemson did the same the second half.Good weekend though.Tech,Ga.Southern,Braves won and Jawja lost.

Trey said...

How can you say the "real" Tigers won and then say "War Eagle"???? You Auburn folks have an identity crisis! :)