Sep 9, 2010


Some of you may not know what that term means... but most of you do!! The other most of you is about to find out.

It's football season! The Auburn Tigers have won their first two games! One of those games being an SEC game!

I have watched both games and can I say that Farley and Newton are pretty much awesome?!

Tonight in the Mississippi State Game....

Farley got 2 or 3 sacs, an interception, and a fumble recovery. He's a defensive lineman!! That's pretty awesome. I was waiting for a touchdown.

And did anyone see that play between our old quarter back, Kodi Burns, and our new quarter back, Cam Newton?! It was pretty amazing as well. They did this trick I'm-gonna-throw-it-to-Kodi-and-run-away-oh-now-Kodi-throws-it-back-to-me!! It was really cool.

I'm pretty excited about this football season. They are looking pretty good so far! Chizick wasn't too happy about the penalties... especially the one that almost cost us the game!! It was 17-14 Auburn with 2 minutes and some odd seconds left in the fourth quarter... Mississippi St has the ball... they are on Auburn's 48... Auburn gets 2 or 3 sacs in a row putting them back a good ways.... 3rd down....they throw... they almost catch.... PASS INTERFERENCE ON AUBURN. Really!! Oh what a perfect moment to do something so incredibly stupid!! Automatic first down. That's just great. Thankfully Auburn kicked it into gear and held them and Mississippi State messed up big time and needs to go back to How to Catch The Ball School. We got the ball... 27 seconds left. It was glorious.

I'll keep you posted on my Tigers! I'm so proud!! War Eagle!!

Oh... and War Eagle- I never told you!! It's our 'war cry'. People make fun of it.. cause 'oh Auburn has the Tiger, but now they're the Eagles..." blah, give me a break! It has a meaning that is special to our team! Just like every team has traditions. So, We cry Waaaaaaaaaaar Eagle!! On Everrry kickoff and it's really really loud and we tack on a 'HEY!' on the end and it's awesome! AND My Favorite part.... We have two or three eagles and they release one of them before all the home games and it flies around the stadium and lands in the middle of the field! We say Waaaaaar Eagle! HEY! then too! (As he/she is flying around (and on kickoffs).. we hold the 'war' a really long time! you have to take two or three breaths! Then when he/she lands... 'Eagle Hey!') :) Ahh!!  I get chills thinking about it!! The best part of it all..... When you see someone that you don't know and they have on that symbolic AU on their hat or shirt, you calmly say 'War Eagle" and smile. Then they know you're 'family'! :)

I love my Auburn Family!


Trey said...

I almost forget that I love you when you talk about this football team! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so not cool.. Not a football fan. My hubby loves him some college ball though. :)

Lauren said...

Go Hokies!!!

We have a lot of game traditions too, I think it make the games more fun when you can interact! Whenever I hear the song "Enter Sandman" I have to start jumping up and down cause that's what we do at the beginning of every game!