Sep 21, 2010

Wedding Photos!

Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend at the wedding! I was the backup photographer and she let me take some of the good shots! I was really excited! Mrs. Tamara is so good to me!

And I picked up another wedding off of this one! :) Not sure if Tamara is going to go along with me or if I'll be by myself... I'm excited!!!

We had a very interesting day to say the least, but these were some of the classic shots.



Ashlee said...

I love them Mo -- great job!

Linsey said...

I'm so proud of you! Go mo!

Darcy said...

Oh my gosh, girl--those photos are STUNNING!!!!! Love the photo of the two little girls with the big bows on the backs of their dresses!

I'm so sorry it's taken me forever to get back to you! My classes at Oklahoma State have started, and I've been incredibly busy between the schoolwork, clubs, and keeping my jewelry business going. I have to get back to blogging though...I feel so guilty that I haven't posted in forever. I miss it!

Now--back to your original question--my brother moved to Decatur, and he and his girlfriend are absolutely loving it! They've had zero problems adjusting, which I was happy to hear. Ryan (my brother) is actually coming back this week, so I'm excited to get to see him Friday! He graduated from law school this year and passed the Kansas Bar Exam, so he has to come back to Topeka, KS to be officially sworn in as a lawyer. Should be a fun ceremony with all of our family there!

How have you been?? I have some reading to catch up on on your blog, but I must say that I'm totally in love with these wedding pics =)

Chic College Cowgirl

CHERI said...

Great job, Molly! My favorite is of the two little girls! Never have seen that pose before.

Jennifer said...

Awesome job girl!!!