May 23, 2010

Foot Update

My sister assisted me in taking my bandage off this morning and we finally got all 50 feet of ace bandage and cotton wrap off my foot. As we were unwrapping it, it felt like instant relief. They had that bandage really tight! It did start hurting a little when the pressure was relieved, but I fixed that with some medicine. Here is what it looks like right now:
I already have short, stubby toes. Now they just look obese!
I didn't expect the incision to be the whole length of my scar from the last surgery. I guess he needed extra room to work! I'm just glad he didn't make it any bigger than it was. I thought for sure he would cut up closer to my ankle.
I can tell they had to mess with my nerves- It is really sensitive to the touch above my scar near my ankle. Hopefully that will go away. I did get some of the feeling back in my toes, but I can't really feel anything where my toes attach to my foot.
Notice the difference in the sizes of my feet? I think my foot shrinks every time I have surgery on it. I hope this is the last surgery for my foot. My right foot is a good 1-2 inches shorter than my left. Oh well! At least I have 2 feet!
My doctor autographed my foot incase you were wondering what those black things were. Last time they put a huge, black, permanent X on my right leg. I think I like the autograph better!
Hopefully I'll be walking very soon!

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