May 17, 2010

Crawfisin' and Fishin'

Crawfishing? is that a word? I'm going to make it one because that is what I did this weekend!

The boyfriend's family is from a small town in Louisiana down by the water. They are some crawfish eating folks! So, they were on a mission to catch some crawfish. Have you ever eaten real cajun crawfish? "Suckin' heads and eatin' tails" is how they say it... I think. It's pretty gross. I don't suck on their heads! I just eat their tails.

Well, Josh's dad had put out some crawfish traps in a small ditch filled with water that was dug off of the creek that runs through our town... and half of georgia. All three of us, Mr. Troy, Joshua and I, all loaded up in the golf cart to go down to the creek to check the traps the next day. Mr. Troy told us to put our wellies on. (I like calling them wellies!) He didn't call them that... they call them rubber boots or something boring like that. So, we did... thank goodness!
it gets much worse.

baby had him a walking stick! and a gun.
I stepped in a hole that went to the top of my wellies! I got stuck.. but I got out after some tugging. I never knew a place like this existed where we live. I only thought I would experience this at Driftwood when we went to Cumberland Island in the 6th grade! We walked through the marshes and it was so cool! Anyways, this marsh was.. worse. Every step I took, I sunk well up to my ankles... Slinging mud on the backs of my legs as a result. I was pretty gross afterwards. and scratched up... I mean welted up.
but we finally made it!!

It was really pretty down there. We fished, didn't catch any fish, and checked the crawfish traps!

look at those iiittyy bitttyy crawfish! Who would have thought... crawfish in middle georgia. Not me! I thought it was a crazy louisianian thing!

and then we walked back through this. yuck.


But then Josh and I went FOR REAL fishing!

and had a nice catch at the end of the day!
I won't mention who caught more fish! Let's just say.. I know how to cast a fishing pole in the right spot! :)

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