Mar 13, 2010

Gertrude in the Hospital.

Who would have thought that my poor little liberty would go to the doctor today. It sat in one place for a week while I was gone to North GA and the day I decide to drive it she gets messed up!

I woke up like any other day. My kitty was wanting to cuddle and Lola wanted to go outside. I took care of those two and got ready to go to work! I headed out a few minutes early to be there before 10 because mom had a biscuit class she was teaching at 10 (and she had forgotten some stuff). Well I get into Fort Valley headed towards town. I was less than 200 feet from my destination... a red ford thunderbird pulled out in front of me and BAM. An hour later, a big dent in their car, a dent in another car and my cars left front end ripped off... my car was off to the doctor.

I think that the very nice couple was too busy looking at the 'Official Vendor' for the Peaches to Beaches thing they do. I really don't think they had to put an "Official Vendor' on the corner of an intersection... anyways, they didn't stop or didn't see me coming and pulled out. Luckily I didn't get hurt. They were ok too, thank goodness. They were very apologetic to both me and mom (who ran over from the Peach Palette). They weren't denying it being their fault at all and they were worried about me. They were really nice and made sure the officer had the story straight that it was their fault and they pulled out.. yada yada.

My car wasn't THAT bad. Theirs was worse I thought. Mrs. Wendy said because its a JEEP! :) I do love my Jeep!

you can't really see it that good... but it was a nice dent. notice the donut. I guess their tire busted cause it sure was pretty flat! I want to be sorry... but they should have paid a little bit more attention.
See you in a few weeks, Gertrude. I hope. 

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