Mar 23, 2010

New Ride

Now that my liberty is being fixed I was provided a rental car. When I think rental car I use to think.. yuck rental car. But, I just may not give this car back... I really like it! I want to stop by the car fixing place and say hey! take your time! I don't need it back for a month or more! I think this may be my next car in the far away future when I buy my own car. Or possibly the new model of it which hasn't even been made yet! Anyways it's a JEEP of course!

ah. i love it.
It isn't 'fully loaded' just a plain ol' car. It does have satellite radio though! but it's nice nonetheless! I look forward to driving to work every morning :)

1 comment:

Trey said...

got to love a Jeep!