Mar 28, 2010

Photo Shoot Times Two

Last week I had the chance to photograph Bridget hoping to get her a small career in modeling. I took her to some old barns and a garden that is across the street from my house and took about 600 pictures. We also ended up going to my barn to use my dad's tractor. It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed getting to do that. Maybe they'll like my pictures!

Today I was in a photoshoot for Country Living magazine. It was a lot of fun as well! I was a 'cousin' of Virginia Willis. She is a chef in Atl that travels all over the country... and other countries cooking. The story will come out in April 2011. That's so long away... Though I would remind myself so I could look back at this and remember! You may see me sitting on our neighbors, Mr. Gene and Mrs. Kathys, front porch in a rocking chair. I was also in the dinner shot- all of us sitting at the dining room table 'eating'. I only ate some biscuits, pickles, and cheese straws because most of the food was cold by the time we got around to doing that shot.

Anyways, my point.... the photographers for the Country Living spread looked at all my pictures I took! They said they were really good and that I should think about doing photography on the side. That made me really happy! Makes me feel good to know that professionals liked my photos! They had a really really fancy shmancy camera... the pictures showed up on the computer as they took them... ahhh. Must be nice!

Here are a few of my favorites! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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