Mar 17, 2010

Still no name...

I can't think of a good one that I absolutely love! I even went to bible characters to see if I might could find one that I liked. I like Moses (always have) and Eli and Malachi. I still just don't love one. Maybe Moses.. I do like that name a lot. Malachi is different, but I don't see me calling him Malachi.

I was rubbing on his soft little head day before yesterday and the heart turned into a badge shape, so I thought about calling him Sheriff. I would call him Deputy, but I named one of my foals that and then sold him. I don't like to use a name twice! I heard about this one couple that had some kind of little foo foo dog.. After their current dog died, they would get a new one and name it the same name! That's just dumb. I think you should have fun with pet names! I love naming animals, but I just can't come up with the perfect name for this little guy! At one point Josh said the name Cruise/Cruz. Mom said Patch. Mrs. Beth said Amore (love). Dad said Barney (which surprisingly is growing on me!). I just think of that purple Barney thing.

Anyways! We had quite a busy day yesterday. I found my tiny little foal halter and put it on him and gave him his first leading lesson! Josh brought me a cow halter and lead later that afternoon and it looks (and fits!) much better!
He did very well! He finally figured out when I pull, if he walks forward, I let go! I led him up to the pasture to see his future pasture buddy! They are going to be best friends!
Flint liked him. I think he liked Flint too! This is acutally the second time they have met. I was riding Flint the other day and they met over the stall door. He was kind of scared of him then, but he'll get use to the big horse!

Also, continuing the busy day... I taught him how to drink out of a bucket! yay!

(sorry for the horrible photo. It was taken with my cell phone. I was so excited that he was drinking out of the bucket that I couldn't wait to take a picture. I'll retake it with my nikon later!)

So, why is this important? Why can't I just feed him out of a bottle? Well, when a calf drinks out of a bottle they drink it so fast that is gets into their lungs sometimes. This is called aspiration! Otherwise known as pneumonia. yuck. Who wants pneumonia? not my baby cow! We are tyring to learn how to drink out of a bucket as quickly as possible. It's so funny because he'll drink out of the bucket for about 20 seconds and then look up. It looks like he would say "hey, where'd that nipple go?!" Well... nipple being my fingers! haha! So then I have to remind him again. Hopefully he'll be able to drink up a whole bucket pretty soon without having to be reminded where to keep his mouth!

We'll see how he does on his leading lesson today! It's raining... so we may not get far!


Keepsake's Mom said...

I love the heart on his forehead. It is so perfect! I had a 17.3 Belgian named Barney and he was just fabulous. I called him my Arabian Draft because he would get all spooky just like an Arabian. It was very intimidating to ride him when he was like that. Oh, I loved that precious horse and I sure miss him!

CHERI said...

How about Hardy (for the "heart")? Or Beau?
I like Sweetie Pie but guess that's too girlish.

CHERI said...

More suggestions:
Luckie (haha!) Mack/Max Jigger
Zeus Murphey Jack
Buckley/Buck Flynn Quinn
Brady KC Coal
Angus Freddie Scotty

CHERI said...

Your Uncle Johnny says BEAUREGARD!!!!