Jun 17, 2011

Trade Day, Sprinklers... Amen!

Josh and I took a trip to North Alabama a couple of weekends ago to visit my sister! I haven't been up there since I graduated from Auburn and I had a three day weekend off of school so we packed the car and headed out!

Josh has never been to Linsey and Ben's house so he was pretty excited about it.

We got up there and hung out with Linsey & Ben, checked out their chicken coop (which is amazing... she should do a post on it! hint hint, linsey! Now that it's clean!), we made/watched supper be made, and felt the baby moving around in Lin's tummy.

I always have fun when I go up to Linsey's house. It's a whole different world up there and it's just so interesting!

Funny story about the first night!   We were all sitting in the den with dinner in our laps getting ready to eat yummy chicken burritos that Lin had made! Ben said he would say the blessing and started doing just that... not even 10 seconds into the blessing Ben is praying, blessing the food and time with family and Josh says "Amen brother!" and throws his hat back on his head! Linsey and I died into laughter... we had not heard an Amen and Ben had not said Amen. Ben shook his head and said with a smirk on his face "I'm not done yet, stupid!" I think Josh turned 12 shades of red as he tried to keep from laughing! Needless to say that was a laughter filled prayer! It was quite funny!

Linsey lives around a bunch of different small towns and one of those has a drive in. We were going to go to... but it was closed due to the tornado damage :(

I can not even begin to explain how bad the damage is up there. I can't imagine what it is like in Tuscaloosa. It really takes seeing it with your own eyes to put it into perspective.

Saturday we all woke up early and went to Trade Day!

This place is the real interesting part. It's a big place with rows of junk where rednecks gather. :) 

It really is fun though! 

Need a sign so your puppy won't get run over? 
They got 'em.

Kids loving this Lilac Crested Amazon 

Baby Ducky!
Notice the trucks parked in the back... they all have some sort of animals.
Goats, llamas, hunting dogs, stray dogs, puppy dogs, lots of dogs...




Good looking men..
Oh wait... that's Josh! ;)

It was so hot that day... luckily they had some shaved ice!
Yum! I got Mango with Creme!
They loaded me up with some Creme... definitely worth the extra $0.25!

Sometimes you can actually find a pretty decent deal at trade day....
For instance.. Ben here got a Dewalt bag and a Sawzall for $10.00
Linsey... she got some peaches, a baby, and shaved ice! ;)
Please note that the Sawzall had a battery on it. (Maybe worth $30?)
Well, Ben wanted to take the gears out of the $10 sawzall and fix his own sawzall.
He ended up fixing the $10 sawzall and it worked perfectly.
You can't get a better deal than that!
Ben carried that thing around like a baby all afternoon on Sunday. 
It even got to have sprinkler time with us.

Me and Josh at Trade Day

Sprinkler time.
Mmm hmm. You heard it.
It's like pre-school all over! Reading time... Sprinkler time... same difference!

We set up a sprinkler in the back yard, we all got a lawn chair, we all sat around the sprinkler and let it hit our feet. That is what you call a redneck sunday afternoon! haha
It was fun though! Good visiting time and dog playing time.
I wish I would have gotten pictures of their dog Remy playing... and all of us at sprinkler time.

After sprinkler time, it was time to go home. We had a great weekend and we both can't wait to go back! I think Josh had a great time hanging out with Ben and looking at all his cows while me and Linsey did girly things inside the house!
I don't like saying goodbye, but I got to see Linsey this past weekend at her baby shower, so that was a plus!

It sure was weird saying goodbye to Linsey... next time I see her she's going to have a baby girl!! And I will be Aunt Mo x2.


Joslinda said...

I love your blog. You are so right, there is nothing better then spending a sunny day with family; and enjoying each others company. Your pictures are fabulous.

J said...

What a fun weekend! I love trade days, although I've never been to Collinsville, so I might have to make a road trip :)


PS--Oh, and your "redneck Sunday afternoon" sounds just perfect to me.