Jun 29, 2011


1. I managed to fall off one of my horses for the first time in... at least 2 years. Maybe even 3. I fell off of SoBe. Yes, SOBE. The sweetest, kindest, I-can-put-anyone-on-her horse. Thanks to Lola, I messed up my 2 year streak.

2. I twisted my ankle (see #1)

3. I managed to get this....

Awesome, huh? Oh, you ask how it happened?  One word. Horse. Ok, three words. Trimming a horse.
Oh, you ask which one? How can you not guess! Sassy. Her name says it ALL.

4. I almost missed my first pediatric clinical. I was 2 hours late. Whoops! Thankfully, my classmates told my instructor that I had never been late to anything and that it was so not like me to miss a clinical. It truly has never happened... and it will never happen again!

5. I ate spaghetti last night. Yum.

Hopefully this upcoming week will be much better!! I have a test tomorrow that I have been studying for and after that I will be free for the weekend and keeping some sweet puppies for people in town!

I have a couple of VERY busy weeks coming up. 2 Clinical days between 3 days of class... 2 weeks in a row, with a test each week. All around my birthday too :(  Oh well! Hopefully I'll be able to try to find time to blog!

Hope everyone has a great week!!


Candi James said...

Molly I am sorry about your fall! That picture looked painful - ouch!
Good Luck on your test and enjoy your time off and to you...
"early happy birthday to you!"

Jennifer said...

Aw, so sorry! Hope your ankle and leg get well fast!
Good luck on your tests!

J said...

Bless your heart...and your leg! That bruise looks like a serious bummer. I hope you heal soon, and manage to stay sane with all the "busyness" around you!


Anonymous said...

I still think it's weird we both messed up or ankle at the same time.

& I'm sorry you're so busy!