Jun 22, 2011

Growing like a Weed

Latch is growing up fast!! 

He has gained 13.5 lbs since I found him a month and one week ago. 

He had Sarcoptic mange when I found him. Thankfully my other dogs didn't get it! Even better... I didn't get it! People can get that stuff you know...
Latch has already gotten 1 shot of Ivermec to treat it and he was so much better! He got his second today... hopefully that will knock it right out!

The vet said he is going to be one big dog. That I already knew. It's a good thing cause I LOVE big dogs! :) 
Please, no one ever give me a dog that weighs less than 30 lbs.
I prefer 60+ lbs.
I know I'm not supposed to share a woman's weight with the world, but Lola is 40 lbs. She passes the 'big' dog test by the skin of stumpy tail!

My dream is to have a Harlequin Great Dane. Sigh.


Anna said...

He is just too cute.

Jennifer said...

I like big dogs too! The only small dog I'd have is a weenie dog.

J said...

You can tell he's destined to be a big boy...just look at those PAWS! I'm glad to read that Latch is healthy and happy and growing like crazy. I know he's thankful every day that you rescued him from the side of that road!


Candi James said...

Latch is really cute! I hope he continues to be on the mend with his mange! He is in for a wonderful life!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I already told you there's something extra in this picture! But I used to think I wanted a merlequin Dane, but all the health risks they have ran me off.