Jun 12, 2011

James, Friday, and Buster Brown

At 7:18 am I received a phone call, "I'm about to head out in about 5 minutes, all I need to do is hook my horse up. See you in a bit". I rolled out of bed and threw on my boots.

Flint and I headed out at about 8 to meet James.

James Newton is a 70 year old man that has come to middle Georgia with his horse, Friday, and buggy... from texas.

He has been over 3000 miles with this horse and countless cities and towns. His story is one of the most interesting stories I have ever heard.

Now, don't you start worrying about Friday... she is very well taken care of! She actually is kind of fat!! He gets her feet done often (they look better than Flint's feet!) and she gets loving attention 24/7. She actually only likes this man and not many others. She likes me alright, but not much. James told me that I was the first person that she hass actually allowed to pet her in a good while. He was pretty amazed. 

He also has a little dog that has been with him the entire way, Buster Brown. He scratched Flint's poor nose, but Flint is ok!

So How did I get this adventure?! 
I met James on Friday night after I found out that my boss's husband (from the pottery place) invited him to stay on their farm when he saw him going through town Friday at lunch. Josh and I went over to meet him and talked to him for an hour. He told us that he planned on going to Perry to stay at an RV park (the RV park that my dad just happens to own!). I told him that my family owned that park and after a few more minutes after finding out that I lived towards Perry and that I have horses myself... he then invited me to ride along with him. I was ecstatic! I told Josh that even if he didn't remember to call me on Sunday morning that I was going to saddle up my horse and go find him anyways! 

Well, I got the call, got on my horse and rode about 3 hours with James. It was so much fun! We talked about Friday and his journey and where he will go next. I told him he should go to Helen, GA and that is now on his trip plans! 

We got him settled at the RV park and I went to get Friday some hay. I got her a couple buckets full (off of a round bale) and ended up just taking the whole round bale over there earlier this evening! He was so happy and thankful. They will be around for 2 days. I will be taking him to get some new horse shoes, a bag of feed, and to the post office tomorrow. 

Hopefully this sweet, old man will be back through GA in the future!

And Flint made the ride to Perry! I'm so proud of my boy!


Trey said...

Very cool Mo!

Rachel said...

Very, very cool!

I wonder if this is the same man that my folks seen east of Roswell, NM, and then a week later, seen him east of Plains, TX? Thats been quite a while now, it may be him. They would have stopped to talk to him, but my dad said the wind was blowing like a sunofagun. Imagine that... :P
I think thats pretty neat, for someone to do that. I'm sure he was nice to talk to.

Anonymous said...

Yay for new friends and Flint (&you!) making the trip!

Jennifer said...

How neat!!!

Ashlee said...

Neat Mo! I'm glad you got to ride with him!

J said...

What a cool story! I'm so glad you got to go along for the ride (and take pictures to share with the rest of us). You lead such an interesting life :)


Anna said...

What a fun, random story! Good for you for making a new friend. :) I came here through Ranchin' Mama's blog. :)

Candi James said...

This is such a cool adventure! Gosh! I can't imagine how they do it in this heat! Got yourself a few new friends, don't you!!