Jun 2, 2011

Photos from this week!

Excuse the poor quality... They are from Josh's cell phone!

Is he not adorable?
He's growing like a weed.
He has man paws.
His legs are like stilts.
He gets so excited when he sees me... that he empties his whole bladder! 
Thanks Latch. What a great gift! :)

This is me and my little Matilda!
One day... she is going to be a fabulous show pig.
For now, she is my fabulous pet pig.
She never squeals when you hold her.
She's mine. Sort of ;)
Hopefully she'll be Josh's good friends pig instead of some random kid I don't know. Then I'll be able to visit her whenever I want!

This was Matilda exactly 1 month ago... She was so little!!

This was Matilda in April. She was itsy bitsy!
Her wittle ears were still floppy and everything!

My babies!
Lola and Latch.
And I didn't even mean to name them with "L's".
They are the best puppies in the whole world.
Except when Lola got in the trash today.
She got a whooping, but not from me!
From Grandma Jan.
I wondered why she was all happy X10 to see me today when I got home. Baaad dog.

I'm going to see my sister this weekend!!!!!! SO excited! Sadly, it's been a while since I went to her house in North Alabama. I always have fun when I go up there and I'm so excited that Josh gets to experience small town mountain life! I'm glad I have the chance to get up there! I just wish it was cooler! And I get to see her next weekend too!! Double whammy! :)


Candi James said...

Love Lola and Latch!!! That is such a great picture of them sitting together! Have fun in Alabama!

J said...

Little Latch DOES have man-paws...he's going to be a big 'un! I enjoyed the pictures of all your babies. What a fun life you lead :)

Happy weekend!


jmluckie said...

Be careful and have fun.Nice pictures.

Kate said...

Cute puppy! You have the most beautiful hair! :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Man Paws! & I remember visiting Matilda and her going "wee wee wee" ALL the way home, lol!

Jennifer said...

Your critters are too cute! :)