Jun 19, 2011


That's my daddy.
The one that use to spank me. haha! "Go to the bathroom and wait on me" was a sentence I heard many times in my life! I would often try to stuff rags in my pants... I think he made us take them out.  :)
He also use to play Monster with us. He would go hide in our dark house and all of my siblings and I would go around tip-toeing... waiting for him to pop out and go "RAAAHHHGGGHHHH"  and we would all scream and beg him to let us hide with him next!
He would jump on the trampoline with us and play vacuum cleaner and many more games. He would roll around and we would have to jump over him... but sometimes you just couldn't jump fast enough and he would gobble you up! Oh and we played Wake up and Smell the Coffee! That was a fun one too!
I don't know how many times I went dove hunting with him... but I always loved it. I was his retriever and I loved finding a dove that was shot in the wing. That meant I got to play with him for the rest of the time! 
One of my favorite memories of going anywhere with my dad was our yearly trip to Daytona. He would get out in the ocean with us and take us waaaay out to the big waves and help us boogie board on a big wave to the beach! At night, he took us to ride go carts... man did we get competitive! It was so much fun. As we got older, he taught us how to 'body surf' the waves. We all looked forward to going to Daytona because our parents made it so much fun!

Besides giving me a lot of memories as a child, my dad (and mom) have helped me in so many more ways! They have gotten me through school, Auburn, Nursing school... I don't think I will ever be able to repay them for the wonderful life they have provided for me. I am so very thankful for everything he has ever given me!

He loves a good peach & homemade peach ice cream.

He's an awesome granddaddy! He goes by GT.

He loves a good game of wiffle ball.

And he likes to play golf. or putt putt!

He and my brother, Hank, are just alike.

and he raised a dang good family!

Thanks for everything, dad! You are very loved and appreciated! I love you, dad!!


jmluckie said...

Nice job Molly.

GT said...

You made me cry.........I am so proud of who you have become!

AA said...

So sweet, Molly!

Ashlee said...
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Jan said...

Molly, you are so sweet! That made me cry too!

Candi James said...

I am sitting here with tears too! That is a wonderful tribute to your dad! You are sweet and so is he!

Jax said...

Aw, sweet post Mo!

J said...

What a lovely tribute to your daddy. You're blessed to have such a wonderful man in your life! Thanks for sharing your memories.