Feb 1, 2011

Some Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I had an epidural at the age of 14.

Interesting huh?

Nope, no babies here.

2. I had 3 surgeries on my right foot after one of my horses decided to accidentally fall and crush me and my foot to pieces.

Yes, I still ride her! And so does everyone else, she's one of my 'beginner horses'. Shh don't tell!

3. My foot looks like it has a railroad track on it. Sort of. Scars are cool.

 Each one has it's own story. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Like the scar I have on my hand that is about an inch long... Josh and I were tussling and I managed to scratch all the layers of skin off my hand with my own fingernail. Now I think about Josh every time I look at my hand.

4. If you bite your nails around me and make that popping, ticking, clicking whatever it is kind of sound... I will stare you down.

Same for smacking. Gross.

5. I swam with dolphins in Mexico & Manatees in Boca Grande in my grandfather's backyard.

6. I was never the type to party in college. I studied hardcore all the time. Ask my friends.

7. I do not like Broccoli. We aren't friends anymore since I tried to hide them under my chair cushion at supper time.

8. Number 7 was not recent.

9. I got a little excited today when I saw McDonald's had My Little Pony toys in their happy meals. I couldn't get one because it was breakfast time.

10. One time, I wanted to feed my little mouse friend that lived upstairs in our old house so I stole some of my sister's easter candy and put it on the floor for him/her to eat. I think about that all the time.


Trey said...

I knew all that!! :)

Anonymous said...

SoBe broke your foot?! Also, what happens if you give a mouse some Easter candy?

Ashlee said...

This is funny

Molly said...

It wasn't my dear SoBe :)

Anonymous said...

You must get #4 from your cousin Trey...he absolutely hates it, to the point of slapping at my hand.

And, I know exactly how you feel about those My Little Ponies...I saw them the other day too and could not wait for Mia to get a Happy Meal.