Feb 5, 2011

Our Cat's Water Bowl

I may be the only one that thinks this is funny, but I just had to share!

The whole time I watched her... I thought, What would happen if she fell in that trough?

Then I just laughed

She also tried to eat Flint's food (This cat is like... a garbage disposal). She eats anything. He doesn't share his food, but I guess he doesn't mind sharing water!


The Chic College Cowgirl said...

Oh, Molly, you have no idea how jealous I am of you right now. 60 degree weather...are you kidding me??? Ah, I've got to move! haha. The snow isn't giving us much of a break here in OK--there's supposedly more coming our way tomorrow and Wednesday! Booooo.

I LOVED hearing your Valentine's Day ideas! I seriously love this holiday so much, but I'm having a horrible time coming up with the perfect ideas for my Oklahoma Josh. (Not to be confused with your Georgia Josh. ha!) I have to say, I think the ticket idea is fabulous! For his December graduation, I got Josh two tickets to a Willie Nelson concert, and he absolutely loved it. I think I scored a lot of points with that one... haha

I'm going to keep all of you posted with Valentine's Day updates =) I ran out this afternoon in search of a sweet Valentine's card, wrapping paper, cupcakes decorations, etc... So much fun!

Oh, and a picture of my Oklahoma hottie is coming very soon. I was thinking I'd put up a picture of us together on Valentine's Day! Josh is actually a fan of the blog now and wants me to get a pic of us posted soon. His blog enthusiasm cracks me up, but I'm very glad that he's into it!

Have I mentioned that I think you and I are soul sisters? I have a cat just like yours!!!!!!

Brooke LaBouve said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my WIWW post last week. I think this picture is hilarious. I grew up with cats so I know exactly what would happen if she fell in. I was laughing thinking about it too!