Feb 17, 2011

Absolutely Repulsive

If you haven't already heard, a man by the name of Harvey Updyke took it upon himself to poison the trees that are loved by so many people in Auburn. 
These trees are the trees that I stood under so many days and nights after the Auburn football team brought us to victory, the trees that hold a very dear tradition, the trees that are covered in a blanket of white after every win, the trees that are currently giving me chill bumps.... the trees that are so very loved by every single Auburn Family member.

I have written of these trees before. The Toomer's Oaks

This man put over 60 times the amount it takes to kill a single tree into the soil around each tree. He use Spike 80 DF. I don't know much about this herbicide... but the Toomer's Oaks tree caregivers are saying they will not make it through this. Also, the city is waiting to hear if this will damage their water or be toxic to the city in any way.

This man said he decided to poison the trees because he saw a 'Scam Newton' Jersey on the Bear Bryant statue during the Iron bowl. First of all... let me hear you call CAM Newton a Scam.... he's the best football player in this country right now and just because your team didn't have him doesn't mean you have to cut him and Auburn down! Second of all.... Scotch taping a JERSEY to a STATUE is no where near, not even CLOSE to being equal to poisoning 2 trees that are said to be more than 130 years old. 

Toomer's Corner  1890's

I wish that man would get a year of prison for every year that those trees lived. He can get up to 10 years if convicted... I hope he gets more than that!!!

It may seem silly to some, but these trees are a part of the Auburn Family. I know they are a part of me. So, for the Auburn Family, for the Toomer's Oak Trees, and for me.... say a prayer for these trees.

The Toomer's Caregivers have been selling baby Toomer's Oaks for a while now... I'm sure those babies are going to be going quickly.... I kind of want one of my own now.

Mr. Updyke... I don't know who you are and I don't really care. You may think you can ruin something by pouring poison on our tradition and you may think that you will make us rebel against your act... but you're only making us stronger, closer and more faithful to our Auburn Family! I'm ALL IN!! 
Oh by the way.... enjoy you're orange jumpsuit. WAR EAGLE.


jmluckie said...

That's bad news.I remember the same thing happening in Texas several years ago.

Ashley said...

Couldn't have made a better post :) I had chill bumps reading it! WAR EAGLE! We'll make it through, just like we always do! ALL IN!

Trey said...

We were talking about this last night. What an idiot! Sorry about your trees!

CHERI said...

We just watched this on the news tonight. That awful man...all this heartbreak and his life ruined because of hatred over a football game. I hope he rots in prison for a long time.

Anna-Elizabeth said...

I am no AU fan, but it would never cross my mind to poison or deface anything on someone else's property.

Congrats on your National Championship and I hope with all my heart your Oaks make it through.