Jan 23, 2011

Show Pig Success!!

Josh had another show this weekend. It was the Southeast Regional NJSA show. He rocked that thing.

I took many pictures, but as always the pictures look the same! Maybe I will post a few later.

Like the show 2 weekends ago, Josh and Blanche were stars.

He placed 2nd in his Duroc class. He didn't get to go up for Grand or Reserve... this is a much bigger show and it's a lot harder to get that far. Blanche and Josh did awesome though! I must say, I think they could have won the whole Duroc show if it were not for the judge... He didn't know much about Durocs.

Josh also won Reserve Champion Bred & Owned. That is an accomplishment! He should have gotten the Grand... but the NJSA pulled him from the class because some irresponsible people waited until the class was already in front of the judge to decide that they were supposed to be in that class. It was the girl that won 1st of Josh's previous class... he got second so he got pulled from the Bred & Owned. The judge picked her to win Grand so Josh got to go in for Reserve and he got picked.  Not fair, but whatever!

Blanche was also entered into the open show. Once again, 2nd in class.

Since Blanche was entered into the open show, she would be in the sale later that night. After a trip to Longhorn's with Josh's family we went to the sale. Blanche was the 3rd pig to go through the sale for the Durocs. That's a really good position! The grand champion goes first, then reserve, then Josh got to take Blanche.  (He usually is in the middle or near to the end of the Durocs, which kinda stinks).

Blanche sold for.... are you ready?......  $1000!!

That is the most he's ever gotten out of one of those sales! It was amazing.

But really... that's nothing compared to the pig that sold for $205,000 at the louisville show. ha!

We met the buyers afterwards and they were really nice! I told her that she had a name and that I just had to tell them! They stopped me and asked me my name and then said Well dang we've already had a Molly! (they were going to name her after me!! aww :)
So I told them her name was Blanche and I was so excited to find out that they  name ALL their pigs! I've always gotten some weird looks when I tell people the pig's names!
"Oh, that's Penelope!"

So Blanche is going to a good home. We got their contact information and plan to keep in touch. Hopefully I'll be able to see Blanche on their website real soon! And her future babies!

It was a good weekend for Josh's Showpigs! Not only did Blanche do well, but a few pigs that he sold this year and some offspring of some of his past show pigs placed!  One of them was the Grand Champion for the Durocs! That gives Josh a good 'breeder name' the more that his line of pigs win!

Hopefully the 2 litters that are on the way will be just as promising for him!


jmluckie said...

Way to go Josh and Molley.

AA said...

Super interesting, Molly!! You guys are cute together