Jan 19, 2011

Dark, Dank, and Dreary!!

Name that TV quote! :)

That was the description of my fish tank yesterday morning. Dark.... Dank.... and Dreary....

Multiplied by.... 20

1. I can't stand cleaning my fish tank
2. I love fish
3. Those two don't match up

I finally broke down and cleaned my fish tank. I must say, sadly, that it took me realizing that my fish were choking one night to do it. I do have a heart for animals.... I netted those fish outta that tank like a mad woman and into a five gallon bucket of fresh clean water! What happened was... I fed them around 11:30 pm, like usual, and noticed that they didn't all start bouncing up and down all excited! I watched them... and watched them. They were all choking. Choking on that green muck that was everywhere. So, I did what any animal lover would do, I saved them from that place! (how dare I even let that place get like that!)

I didn't take a before picture. It would have been too embarrassing!

But I took after pictures!!! It's like fishy heaven.

It took me all. day. long.

First I had to vacuum the rocks, then take all the hunter green, algae eaten ornaments out, then took off the filter that looked like it had red georgia clay in it, then I carried the tank into my bathroom. While I waited on my nasty what use to be cute ornaments to soak in bleach, I washed the tank out with vinegar. Bleach can kill fish. Don't worry, my fish are still kicking!

After I got the tank clean, next came the 5 gallon bucket of rocks that had suddenly appeared. I got a strainer and cleaned all the rocks! Then I took the tank and rocks to my room and set it back up. I rinsed the green ornaments, that actually started looking like normal! I let them soak for a while in clean water and then scrubbed on them. Surprisingly the bleach helped out all the plants and ornaments except one. I scrubbed it and finally got it looking clean!

I FINALLY got it all set back up! I was only missing one thing, a thermometer. Luckily, I went to wal-mart when I got off work that day and picked one up! and a new net! I made sure the fish's bucket water and their tank water were the same temperature (I had to dump a 5 gallon bucket of steaming hot water in the tank to make it warmer) and I netted them back into the tank.

It took them a little while to acclimate... but they did it! They are happy as little larks!

TA DA!!!!

It just makes me want to have 10 more fish tanks!
ok not really.

But I do love my fish tank when it is clean!!

You can even see from one side to the other!

This is my precious, egyptian pot. It even has a horsey on it! Imagine that.

They are very happy.

This is 1 Fish.

This is 2 Fish.

and... this is Blue Fish! ;)
He's a little shy of the camera.

Just to give you an idea of what it looks like... here's a picture of half of my room. The clean half! 

I'm so glad to have happy fish and a clean tank!
New fishies to come!

Oh, and it was My Little Ponies! :)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I think most aquarium owners are like that... right? Haha.

yaya said...

Hi! I came over from "Cheri's Chatter"..what a sweet blog you have! I laughed at your post because when my kiddos were little we had fish tanks and I HATED cleaning them! Now, I just enjoy watching fish from other people's tanks. I love the color or your room too..Have a great week!

CHERI said...

Beautiful photos...so clear and crisp! I still can't do that.

yaya said...

That's cool that Cheri is your Aunt!.. I forgot to tell you that what really caught my eye was the fact that you went to Auburn..that's where my 2 nieces go! They will graduate in May, one with her BS, the other with her Masters.

Jennifer said...

We had an aquarium for awhile as a kid, but Mama got tired of cleaning it out! ;)

Ashlee said...

My little pony was the first thing i thought of when I read this post... was it the purple ooze one? I think you added that part because I don't remember seeing it!