Jan 24, 2011


Flint has big dreams! 
He asked me to braid his tail the other day so he could be like a show horse...  So I did.

Then he asked me to paint his hooves... I told him that it would have to wait until we actually did get to a show. Then I told him that we probably wouldn't win and he'd be an old man... but we might make it one day!!

I miss it!


yaya said...

So pretty! I know nothing about horses, even though my in-laws had them many years ago. But nice braiding anyway...and congrats on the pig sale! I was happy to see that she wasn't going to be a Bob Evans kind of sale..see, I know nothing about pigs either!

jmluckie said...

You go girl.Looks good to me.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Flint's so handsome - even his backside! Haha

CHERI said...

Another animal's tail end! Hmmmm! At least this one does look pretty! I saw that one of my blogger friends YaYa commented on your blog. She's funny!