Jan 9, 2011


Isn't it great how locals always have a short nickname for stuff. Breck.

I think I'll start calling my town Pear.

We made it back!!!

Rewind back to day 3.

Remember when I said Josh was going to try to go down the blues.... oh man.

We went down one green, as planned, and Josh did great! He had the greens mastered. So we moved onto bigger and better things. Blues.

Poor Josh. He fell all the way down. He got so tired and frustrated. I knew exactly how he felt!! Remember when I followed the boys to the top of Peak 10? (Reminder: Black... Black... Black...) Yes, I was exhausted by the time I got to the bottom! My little legs were just so tired. So, after 2 or 3 runs down the blues... Josh said it was time to go in. He was freezing cold from all the snow that was up his shirt and I told him that he needed to take a break, that we would try again tomorrow!

I waited at the bottom for my dad that I had seen go over us on the lift 10 minutes before. He came and we went back up to the top of peak 9. We ended up seeing mom and the boys on the way down (right at the beginning) so we waited for them. Dad and I were waiting on this incline.... I see the boys coming. These were my words...

"Look at Hank!! He's not going to stop!"

Hank in olympic stooped position.

Hank attempts to jump incline. Does cartoon split in air and lands doing gymnastic tumbles that I have never seen before. Skis fly in different directions.

Oh goodness, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Dad was a little worried... he could have seriously gotten hurt... but it was sooo funny.

We ski on!

View from the blues at peak 9

John and Riley


We went on a couple runs and decided to head in to shower for dinner. However, before we head into dinner I had my worst fall of the whole trip. I was trying to stop (don't ever stop... that's when you fall!) and I slid once to slow down and the slid the other way pretty hard and my skis went over a ball of snow and pretty much flipped me backwards. My head slammed onto the ground! I thought my head might explode right after. I rarely fall hard enough to hurt me... but when I do it hurts! No broken bones though!

Mexican was the chosen feast that night.
They had super yummy cheese dip.

I didn't take a picture of my food... nothing special about a taco!

Day 4 came upon us quickly. We were up and out of the room by 9! The earliest we had been out! The lifts were packed and we waited in line at all the lifts, but Day 4 was a good day!

Josh finally picked up the art of skiing!!! He was skiing down those blues like a pro! I was so proud of him! He was turning and gliding down those slopes like a real skier!

Have I mentioned how many snowboarders there were?!
One had cross words with dad after he ran into dad. It was the snowboarders fault and he knew it. I just about got at him with one of my poles! Too bad he had a helmet on... he may have had a bruise on his noggin! They can be suck jerks.

Back to the fun stuff!
This is a picture of the trail map of Breck. :)
Click to make larger. But read this first.
The "You are here" is peak 7. That was our venture for Day 4 and it was fun!
We stayed at the base of peak 9 (left of the map.. where the #9 is). It took us 2 hours plus to get to peak 7, but that is where my favorite trail was! Monte Cristo. It was so hilly and fun!

We all skied over there together. After we went down Monte Cristo a couple of times it was lunch time. We rode the gondola to the base of peak 8 and ate some lunch. The boys and Kathryn went back to peak 9 and Josh and I stay with mom and dad at peak 8. We went down a couple of runs there and decided it was too cold! We soon headed back to peak 9.

Mom and Josh on peak 8

Me and Joshua!

Mom and dad!

We skied a few runs on peak 9 and decided to head in. Our last run was a good one!
I was sad to leave the slopes... but the 60 degree temps of GA were calling my name! Too bad it gets cold again once we got home!

The last night we chose this place to eat.
It was a fun environment and they gave you toooons of food. 
I ordered a pepperoni calzone. It was mostly cheese with like...6 pepperonis but it was pretty good! I would go back. While we waited to eat I picked up a couple of little things for my sisters and got me some t shirts.

To sum it up... we all had a great trip!! It was so much fun getting to ski with the family and I really did enjoy teaching Josh how to ski! He did so well and I am so very proud of him! I told him we are going to have to go to Boone, NC and go skiing sometime soon, just not in 10 years!

The travel day home was long, but we finally made it! We landed in ATL and headed to The Dwarf House to eat dinner. It was the first Chick-fil-a. It kind of reminds me of a Waffle House that serves Chick-fil-a. Pretty nifty. 

We arrived in Pear at about 11:00 pm. I took Josh home and had a little snuggle time with each of my precious ponies before I decided it was really cold and I was super tired.

A good vacation was had!

Thanks to my mom and dad for taking us kids to go skiing! And allowing each of us to take someone along! :)
We all had a great time!

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Glad you're home with no major injuries.