Jan 28, 2011


Current Temperature:  64 degrees

It's like heaven. I sure do wish I could be riding my horse!! Med surge and work are stopping me. 
Maybe Sunday. Maybe. Med Surge will really be making me feel guilty if I do though.

Here are a few pictures from this past weekend! Blanche is now up in her new home in Illinois... I'm quite sure she's enjoying the 30 degree weather. Brrrr!

Blanche being a little sweetheart, letting Josh brush her!
Gotta get those shavings off of you Blanche!

I had to include this one because Josh said he liked it!
By looking at this picture... you can see just the reason why Blanche should have won the whole show!!! Look how square she is when she is walking. Look how wide! You can't get much more square than that! If the judge would have seen this picture.... sure winner!

Congrats to Josh!! He got Reserve Champion Bred and Owned.
If anybody knows how to breed Durocs.... It's my Joshua!

Josh and Blanche showing in the Open show. You paint their number on the side of them so that all the big time buyers will know which pig is which! Obviously it worked since she sold for a decent chunk of change!

View form the stands. (Can you tell I was tired of standing and taking pictures!?)  :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing Josh and Blanche. Who wouldn't enjoy looking at that precious couple!?  

We'll miss you Blanche!


yaya said...

I realize she's not a pet, but you seem to really be attached to her. She is a beauty! I'm from Illinois..I'd take 64de. over 33 in a second! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sunday indeed! Haha - I like your new pic & 'about me'!

P.S. I need to be much better about updating, I know this.