Feb 7, 2012

Silly boy!

 Today after a nice relaxing ride on Flint... I was taking pictures of my horse because I think he is the cutest horse in the world. 

This precious thing always acts like the world is coming to an end and that I have run him too hard. He shows this by yawning 20 times in a row. Then making a moaning sound. 

I was steady trying to get a picture of him yawning... but I never really succeed. This is all I got.

But I kept on taking pictures anyways. He is SO. Dang. Cute!
How could you not love a face that cute?

Then the clever horse decided to do a little shake... the whole body shake.
and shook his saddle right off! He proceeded to turn around making sure the deed was done.
Then he looked at me as if he was saying can I please go get in my pasture now?!

I didn't get a picture of that look cause I was laughing so hard!

What a Cutie. :)


CHERI said...

I think you may have offended him calling him "cute." He's definitely HANDSOME!

Candi James said...

What a face!!!! I love him!!!