Feb 8, 2012

Pet Photography

Ever since my Mema died, I have been so upset of not having photos of us together. I wish I would have taken more photos with her and I wish I had MORE photos of her.

This is what made me decide that I need more photos of everything. My family, my boyfriend, and my animals. And then I decided I need to get an external hard drive.

Hey, there really isn't anyone taking pictures of pets around this town. Hey, I think that might be a good idea.

I pondered on it for three or four months... I fiddled around taking some pictures and I finally decided to just post some. Maybe people will ask for it, maybe people won't. Even if I don't take pictures of other people's pets... I can enjoy taking pictures of my own! I have plenty to do that with! I even asked Jaclyn if she wouldn't mind taking pictures of me and my horses. Just so I can have them. I would do the same for her with any of her pets. I only have one photo of me and my horse Scout and it is in a frame in my room and it has never been replaced as all the other photos have. I hold it very dear to me (even though it is a horrible picture of me! one of those self timer pictures!). If I don't have pictures with them, at least have pictures of them.

All I do is take photos of my animals anyways, why not do it for others?!

So enjoy!

All photos copyright of "MKM Photography"


GT said...

Discrimination. No Tug.

CHERI said...

Great photos. I think you may have a money maker idea. Every year here our newspaper puts out a separate section filled with nothing but pet pictures and just about everybody in town includes their pet. You would probably need to advertise though. Put one of your pictures in the ad and it will give folks the idea that they need to have professional photos of their pet children too! You need to email me and tell me what type of lens I need to be saving up for. I want to be able to use my Nikon to zoom in better, like pics of Reid when he's on the ball field. My favorite photo is the colored one of Lola...such a sweetheart! I just looked at a Pioneer Woman post (in my email) of pet photo taking but you've probably already seen that!

Ruffles said...

Awesome photos!! I love them.

jmluckie said...

Great job.There is no end to your talents.