Feb 22, 2012

Blog Button!

Introducing my blog button! 

I made it myself.

Hence the cartoon child. Ha!

I'm going to get Josh to make me a sophisticated one.

Layers and all that photoshop talk confuses me.

Until then... Grab this one!! :)

I'll keep this one up as well.

What do you think?


CHERI said...

I love it, Molly! Can't imagine a cuter one. You will have to tell me how you did it so I can "try" to come up with one too.

Georgia {Cabin Fever} said...

It's adorable! I can't believe you made that...you are good!!!

andrea brionne said...

awh how cute!! great job! if you ever need help with graphic design for buttons, header, etc, let me know because i'm a graphic designer! :)
lovely blog molly