Feb 29, 2012

New Job!

This is going to be a 'no pictures' kind of post! Sorry! I think it's my first one in a long time, but I don't have anything great really to show you....

Just tell you!

I got a new job!!

Well, 5 to be exact.

Sort of.

Pottery Studio, Dad's RV park, Hospital,  biomedical waste disposal, and feed store.

Hospital job! Yay!

Well, I thought of one picture I could share! :)
My new badge!

I am one of our local hospital's newest PCTs. AKA, Patient care tech or Nurses Assistant. I applied in the beginning of February, got an interview the day after I applied, and found out I got the job 4 days after I interviewed. It was a blessing for me to get this job! A) money B) hospital experience C) I'll be able to transfer out to an RN position whenever I finish school!

I will be taking vitals and doing patient care in this job. It is 90% customer service. I am a big part of a happy patients!

I finished orientation today and will start my first shift Wednesday at 6:38 am!
I also made a new friend during orientation! A girl that is a PCT as well that will be working on a different floor, but we have a lot in common! She is only less than a month younger than me and she loves animals and painting! (I should get back into painting... if I had the time!) She acutally came and rode horses with me today. Of course she loved it! She is from another state so she doesn't have many friends here yet... of course me being who I am, I immediately told her about all the yummy food around here and told her to come over or call or text whenever she wanted. I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more of her around!

About the other jobs. I still work at the pottery studio that I worked at 2 years ago. I am more of a fill in girl than an all the time girl.
I may be looking into taking a job driving a van picking up biomedical wastes. The guy that owns the company stays at the RV park and was telling dad he needed help, so I was volunteered and I think it would be pretty fun! It's supposed to pay well.
Then the feed store... I got a call yesterday from the manager saying the owner told her to call me to see if I wanted to work for them. I told them I would have to talk to my dad since one of the days they wanted me to work is one of the days I work for him! We'll see!!

So, I have 3 jobs. Maybe 4. Maybe 5. I hope not 5. haha! Probably just 4. Doubt I will end up doing the biomedical thing!

So that is where I stand on my multitude of jobs. February must be my 'lucky month'!


Linsey said...

Go Aunt Mo! You rock!

AA said...

Congrats, Molly!!

Candi James said...

Molly - you just amaze me! You really do. What an exeptional young lady you have become! I know your mama and daddy of proud of you! I have no doubt whatsoever that you will have a successful and prosperous future! You go girl!

CHERI said...

Congrats, I guess...but don't overdo. Remember: all work and no play makes Molly a very dull girl.