Aug 26, 2011

Where's your tail?!

This is a question that I ask Lola daily.  She quickly responds letting me know exactly where her little nub is!

I don't know why I felt impelled to share this with you, but I did!

I have successfully gotten my horses foot well and she is no longer in the stall. Thank the Lord!

I LOVE having a horse in the stall and I very may well decided to put her in there a few nights out of the week. I have had zero problems catching that little mare ever since she was stalled for her injury. Also, I like actually having something to do with my horses besides look at them (when I'm not busy with school!). I don't mind cleaning out the stall, her water bucket, and filling her hay bag. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't miss the wrapping her foot everyday with a new bandage though, but I miss her being at the barn.

Here are some before and after pictures of her foot just for my records! And, of course to show you what I was dealing with! ;)
I am aware that her feet are hoof disasters X 10. She is such a little twit when it comes time to catch her for her trims that she doesn't get trimmed because she is a twit. Did I already say that?! She's a twit. Me trying to catch her did this to her, so maybe she learned her lesson.

But she is so much better now that she lived in a stall for a month!

click for larger view!

Day 1:  July 31

on this day, I was clueless as what to do... I don't remember what I did. I know I washed it with an iodine scrub, globbed some furazone on some gauze that I had in my 1st semester nursing kit, and then wrapped it with some vetwrap and teal duck tape. yes, teal! :) All I had.

Day 2: August 1
Lamina is seen behind the broken part...
I unwrapped it, washed it scrubbed it, globbed it, and wrapped it back up.
Nice and pink, no infection, so far we are golden.

Took pictures to my vet this same day and he told me I was doing everything that I could and to continue to use Furazone. Pshew. Cause that's all I had.

Day 4: August 3

By this day, I got my shipment from Jeffers and was ready to do some serious wrapping!! I also obtained a whole 'rectangle' of 4X4s from my vet. I scrubbed, dabbed the furazone on, put a 4x4 gauze over the furazon, wrapped with a gauze wrap, then vet wrap and then duck tape. This is what it looked like everyday. I kept pressure off the coronet band and made sure that it would stay on with pressure on the heels. And if you don't know jack about horse hooves, I found this awesome website so that you can study up on their parts! :)

Actually, the duck tape is a little extreme in this picture because I started not going up so high, but you get the picture!

Day 5: August 4
Lamina isn't as pink, but still no injection. unwrap, clean, wrap!

Day 7: August 8
A really good picture of the crack, and how the coronet band is releasing the hoof that is going to fall off.

Day 14: August 15

I got a little brave and cut the broken piece back with my nippers... Tried to take the weight off of it so it wouldn't press into the coronet band.

Day 21: August 22

On this day I got REALLY brave and cut the whole entire piece back. She had gotten use to me messing with her hoof so much and she wasn't tender anymore. I exposed the lamina, but left the heel. The heel is 'floating' so that the hoof can grow back at a faster rate. You can see the new growth already starting at the coronet band (the orange at the top that looks like the rest of her 'normal' hoof). The piece I cut off was pushing up against the coronet band and making the new growth grow funny, so I had to get rid of that. I wrapped it one more time, stalled her, and then turned her out. The next day I unwrapped it and left it unwrapped.

The lamina hardened up and her sole did as well. The sole that had built up over the past few months is finally shedding off. She will have a trim very soon!! :) Now that she can be caught!

 I am still very angry that this happened, because she will have problems with this hoof for the rest of her life... when the coronet band is injured like hers was, it never grows back the same. Oh well, things happen I guess!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you documented her healing well, gives you something to compare it to.

& I'm so sorry she got hurt... still willing to send ol' girl back if you wish!