Aug 7, 2011

Brittany's Wedding!

Before I study and before my computer dies.... enjoy these pictures from this weekend! :)

Gorgeous Bride!!
Notice all the ribbons coming out of the cake? Each one had a charm for the bridesmaids that would tell about their future.... I got the engagement ring! Next to be engaged?! We will see!  ;) 
Some of the others were an airplane for life of travel, money bag for financial security, four leaf clover for luck, and wedding bells for the next to get married.

All of the Bridesmaids and the pretty bride after Brunch.

Pedicure time!

Rehearsal dinner seats for the special couple!

Pretty plate. 

Got our hair did.... time for a wedding! :)

Loved these wreaths!
I had my 35mm lens on my camera and didn't really want to trek it backwards down the stairs with all my bags!

Brittany's dress. Stole this shot while the photographers were working ;)

Pretty decorations. 

Getting her ready to go down the aisle!

Brittany and me

That handsome boy I always talk about!

Brides cake (my mom made it!)

She made this one too!
High school friends!

My so handsome boy again :)

LOVE this picture! :)

He's a funny one! haha

It was a beautiful wedding that ran so smoothly and fast! Just how I like it! Short and sweet!

Congrats to Patrick and Brittany!!!


Candi James said...

What a fun time it was for all of you friend! She was a stunning bride! Much luck to the couple!

The Chic College Cowgirl said...

Ah, what a beautiful wedding! I have a slight obsession with weddings... Thinking I need my event planning license once I get this dang bachelor's degree out of the way this school year!

LOVE the cakes, by the way! Your mama must be way talented =D

Ashlee said...

Pretty pictures Mo, and good pictures of you too!