Aug 15, 2011

Horses, Food Trucks, Six Flags, and.. Josh! :)

I would have never though that my two weeks off of school would be two of the busiest weeks of my life!!!

I took two ATI tests today for nursing school and passed them both so now I can move onward to the next classes!! (Which start tomorrow).

As I think back to what my last two weeks have contained the things that stick out the most are:
1) Hang out with Joshua (that's my favorite part!)
2) Take care of Lizzie, clean out her stall 2X a day, and re-bandage her foot 1X day.
3) Being a part of Brittany and Patrick's wedding. It is so special to share those days with friends. :)
4) Hang out with Joshua (told you!! It's my favorite!!!)
5) Finding out one of my friends is getting a miniature pig for her birthday this week! Eee! So cute!
6) Canceling my and Josh's yearly camping trip, but making it up with a trip to ATL to visit with my friend Becky and going to six flags! :)

Last Wednesday Josh and I decided to make a trip to the ATL and visit Becky. We had already talked about it at Brittany's wedding, since Becky was a bridesmaid too, so we were ready and all planned out! She lives in the Virginia Highlands area of ATL and I LOVE that area. It is SO nice.

Wednesday night we decided to go to 'the food trucks'. I was so excited when Becky told me about them, because we eat 'taco truck' at the watermelon farm and I could just imagine it being just like that! I pictured some trucks that look like the taco trucks driving through the neighborhoods selling food... but what I actually saw was SO much cooler!!!

The coolest trucks ever all lined up in a circle.... with TONS of people and dogs!

We at Texas Tacos! And of course little Oliver came with us! Oliver is Becky's little dog!

We all had the Chicken Fresca and Lime fries. Those fries are DELICIOUS!

Gelato truck. Yum. 
But, I didn't get gelato because I decided I want to get some yogurt from the Yoforia. Have you ever been to one of those?! It's awesome. You serve yourself and they charge you by weight. It was amazing. I need to open one up in my town.

Me and Becky!

And a cupcake truck!

aren't these the coolest?!?!

I wish I lived in Atlanta sometimes. I just would have to have my horses up there, especially right now because lizzie just can't go without her bandage being changed.

and to top things off...

Thanks for letting us sleep under your roof Beckster! :)

Josh and I had a wonderful time at six flags! We liked watching all the people get shot with the water shooters on the thunder river ride. It was hilarious! I swear this one guy spent at least $10 on tokens.... 25 cents a toke. Ridiculous!

We rode almost all the rides. We got to the Georgia Cyclone and it about killed us. We were holding each other down trying to keep each other from shaking and bouncing around. The worst feeling that I've ever had was when I was on that ride "ok, I'm really ready to get off right now!" but, you can't get off and it just seems like the ride keeps going and going and going. Miserable.

But the Goliath was awesome! and the Mindbender too. Always loved that one.

And the best news! We only spent 13 dollars inside the park! Awesome I know.

I must go help Josh feed his pigs now!

I hope everyone has had an awesome Monday! 

And was it just me... or did it feel like Fall was trying to come around this morning?! It was gorgeous outside!


Anonymous said...

Me and friend were talking about those trucks just the other day. A person could get rich off something like that in our little rural town. I've never actually got to experience one but I bet it is amazing!

Ruffles said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time :)
I love those trucks, we need some in NZ!!

Candi James said...

Just love reading about your days! Your pictures are always so nice. You have a good time no matter where you go! I have just started hearing about the food trucks....actually a friend from South Florida says they have Food Buses.....same concept and serving from a bus! HEY! That would probably be perfect for Ashlee as she is crazy about a bus!!!