Aug 18, 2011

I'm Cursed.

I have been having a bad streak of luck lately (except with nursing school... wooo!!)

I'm ROCKING nursing school right now!  :)

Now for my bad streak of luck.

1. Flint stepped on my toe. He didn't just step on my toe and go "oh I'm sorry let me pick up my foot". It was more like, "I'm sorry I stepped on your foot let me slowly SLIDE my foot off of your toe as slow as I can and scrap your skin off"

Needless to say, my toenail is in the process of falling off.

2. Lizzie almost broke my nose the other day after I accidentally poked her in the eye. I was SO excited she let me catch her without any trouble that I just wanted to give her a hug but... bang into my nose. 

It started bleeding and it was really sore for about 2 days, now it's ok though.

3. SoBe is out to get my I'm quite sure of it. I fell off of her about 2 months ago and kind of caught myself and didn't get hurt. 

I fell off of her again yesterday at a canter, going up a hill, in huge gravel. Something jumped in the woods to our right (I heard it, never saw it) and I went off the right as she went to the left. 

It was my fault cause I was bareback and I shouldn't have ridden her bareback by myself, I'm just glad I had my phone with me because Josh was at my house and he came and got me!

I hit on my right hip towards my lower back. I immediately had a huge knot and when I stood up my legs were shaking like I have never seen them shake. I sat down back down and called Josh. I knew he was going to be so upset because before I even left the house he told me now to go because he knew I was going to get hurt. I hadn't been gone 5 minutes when I called him.

Hopefully my bad luck streak is over. Don't they usually come in 3's?!? I hope so. Cause this is making me feel like I don't even know how to ride a horse!!!

and because I never go without a picture... Me and Coal Kitty :)


Trey said...

Hang in there Mo!!

Candi James said...

NO MORE ACCIDENTS! POOF! All your bad luck is gone!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! Sounds like you have had a rough little streak. Fingers crossed that it is over!

CHERI said...

You better be careful, girl! Your eyes & Coal Kitty's eyes look alike!