Apr 28, 2011

Vet update

Flint and I went to the vet this afternoon and got an update!

I wish I would have taken more pictures... actually videos... because it took me and Mrs Nicole an hour and a half to get him in the trailer! It was absolutely ridiculous!

Then,  after we shoved him in to the trailer (literally), we got to the vet and had to shove him into the stocks! He was scared out of his mind poor thing!

I never would have thought while I was scrubbing those floors/stocks and raking that gravel that my sweet boy would end up in those stocks! I worked at this veterinarians office for over 2 years! The first few minutes I was in there I started sweating, I told the vet 'This room must trigger my sweat glands'! I worked so hard for that place.. but I loved it!:)

They decided that the abscess was cause by a puncture wound from a wolf tooth! They pulled one wolf tooth and squeezed a bunch of nasty, pus fluid out of the abscess...

After 2 prescriptions for antibiotics we were headed out of there!

Well, to get him on the trailer to leave... I rode him in and guess what! It worked!!

We got home, I washed his mouth out again... fixed his feed with antibiotics in it and gave it to him. He took a taste of it and spit it out. He looked at me like, are you serious right now! Take this disgusting food away from me and give me something that actually tastes good!

Hopefully it will be cleared up ASAP.

I didn't want to say this in my last post... but I have told myself the past 3 years that if somethings happens I'm not going to delay in getting the vet out.

That is my biggest regret with Scout. I saw that spot on his rear and thought it was just a wound... I watched it and treated it like a wound and then it turned out to be cancer cause it never went away and now I will never have my precious Scout back. 

But, Flint is going to be just fine! I'm so thankful for that.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for Flint being on his way back to 100%!