Apr 27, 2011

Good news first?!

Good news: I don't think it will be permanent...

Bad news: my precious, beloved, handsome Flint has an abscess in his mouth  :(

I knew it the second I laid my hands on him. I always walk up to him and hold both sides of his face and give him a kiss on the nose. He tossed his head and said 'ow mama!!'

He finally let me get a look at it...

dang wolf tooth.

It's growing outward... instead of downward (like teeth are SUPPOSED to grow!) and it's causing a mass-like swelling in his cheek.

Well, I say it's a tooth (I really hoping it's the tooth). I'm not 100% positive that it is the tooth causing the problem. 

Then I went back to the house and got my camera...

I'm sure he's thinking... 'oh great, here she comes again to poke around in my mouth'

'I'm just going to ignore her... maybe she will disappear! 

'dang it... not working'

Swelling :(
and if you aren't a horsey person... you probably don't notice a difference, but I do!!

dump abscess....

alright non horse people...
That bulge looking thing in that blue circle... is not supposed to be there!

My poor baby is hurt and I don't like it!!!

Vet in the AM to get it pulled/get an exam to know what really is going on!

VERY thankful for my dad!! He helps me out sometimes with these costly creatures. Mine get hurt rarely, but when they do and I can't fix it myself... it's so stressful!!

And big thanks to my riding buddy Lexie and her mom Mrs Nicole for letting me use their trailer!!!

Prayers for my pretty boy please!

Taken April 12th, 2011

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Kate said...

He is such a handsome boy. I hope he's feeling better ASAP!