May 1, 2011


Flint's Mash

Powdered sugar, Antibiotics, Banamine paste, and Water

I had already put the 15 pills into the water and dissolved... but you get the idea. 

I tried syrup (Mrs Buttersworth) and old faithful karo syrup... nothing worked. Flint would just turn up his nose at everything. Well.... powdered sugar, that is the key. So I thought..... Tonight he smelled it and flipped half the food out of the dang feed pan.

Then he gave me this look. Multiple times!

He was NOT happy. It may or may not have had something to do with me washing his mouth out right before I fed him! Oh well, he's just going to have to get over that!

And my other old faithful.... Cutie Pie. My long time feeding buddy.
We calculated how old she is the other day... and I am going to document it here so that we don't have to do it again! 

We ended up getting Cutie Pie after her owner was killed in a car accident. She had visited our house multiple times. We had 2 other dogs I think- Cadi (the yard dog) for sure and maybe Penny, my dad's lab.  Cutie pie would spend all day or afternoon playing at our house and then she would always go back home at night. Well one day she showed up and never went home. We took her up to our neighbors house (by the road a half a mile away) and the girlfriend said that he had died and for us to keep her. We took her back home and she never left to go back to our neighbors. 
She was a spunky little puppy when we got her. She was about a year old- always bouncing around everywhere!
 We assume she was born in 1999. So that makes Cutie 12 years old. She is the best old dog! Lately she's been slowing down a bit... she use to go on horse rides with me every.single.time.I.went. Every time. Now, she goes about once a month and that is when she knows she's feeling good enough to go! Sometimes I have to make her stay home if I know I'm going to be gone for a long time.

Anyways, Cutie is a good little dog and Flint is very mad at me for ruining his breakfast and supper for 3 days in a row. Get ready for day 4 buddy!


{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

how fun is this blog? My grandpa has horses and we used to ride them all the time.. your blog is making us miss that very much. So fun!

Anonymous said...

Haha poor Flint!

Cutie Pie is still kicking like a young girl!